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Distribution of 11 aboriginal groups of Canada, Alaska and Greenland.
Number of days the sun provides no functional heating in Alaska and northwest Canada
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
European cities overlaying Canada and Alaska
Booster map Stikine River route to Klondike
1903 Alaska boundary dispute
1926 Canada-Alaska 1903 boundary-map
1786 La Perouse Map of Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada - Geographicus - Vancouver-perouse-1786
Montreal map 1894 - General Hospital
Montreal map 1894 - Mountain Elevator
Montreal map 1894
Ottawa map 1894
St John New Brunswick map 1894
1926 Canada-Alaska 1903 boundary-map
1857 Colton Map of Canada and Alaska - Geographicus - Canada-colton-1857
Alaska Canada 1901
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