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1737 map of far north east Asia
Karlsruhe, Germany - a baroque planned city founded in 1715. The Residenzschloss was at the centre of the planning and still dominates the ground plan of the town today. The streets of the city centre, as well as the palace garden, are fan-shaped and oriented towards the Karlsruhe Castle.
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
1772 Vaugondy and Diderot Map of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Passage
1740 Seutter Map of India, Pakistan, Tibet and Afghanistan
Plan of Seringapatam
1777 Cook Map of the Friendly Islands or Tonga - Geographicus - FriendlyIsles-cook-1777
1729 West Africa map (Cameroon & Nigeria)
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of New England and the Maritime Provinces
Grand Manan Island and the coast of northern Maine (3045762099)
1748 Homann Heirs Map of India and Southeast Asia - Geographicus - India-hmhr-1748
1768 Jeffreys Wall Map of India and Ceylon - Geographicus - India-jeffreys-1768
"Massa" (21655795884)
Plan du Centre-ville de Nantes détai plan Cacault 1756-1757
Plan centre ville Vannes 1785
Plan de rue projetée (Ouest remparts de Vannes) 1785
PARK(1800) p359 Karte mit Mungo Parks Reiseroute in Westafrika vom Gambia Fluss zum Niger Fluss
An exact draught of the gulf of Darien & the coast to Porto Bello with Panama in the south sea & the Scotch settlement in Calledonia (9492654597)
Greenwich Heritage Centre, temporary exhibition Plumstead - 2
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