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A faithful reconstruction of Constantinople in the year 1200, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
Mediaeval map of Constantinople, 1422 / by Cristoforo Buondelmonti, a Florentine cartographer
Map of Constantinople, Pera and Uskudar c. 1860
A view of Byzantine Constantinople in AD 1000
The Bosphorus; which Connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean through Constantinople (c. 1830)
Constantinople in the 13th C. by French Artist Antoine Helbert
1420 Byzantine Copy of Ptolemy's World Map.
Does anyone know what year this map drawn by Spruner in 1854 of the eastern Byzantine Empire depicts?
The oldest surviving Ptolemaic world map, redrawn according to his 1st projection by monks at Constantinople under Maximus Planudes around 1300
Map of Byzantium/Constantinople. See if you can estimate a date
Map I Hand Drew of the Byzantine Empire in 1025 CE
Map of Constantinople made using Age of Empires II
Languages of the Byzantine Empire, 580 AD
Map of Constantinople (Κωνσταντινούπολη) in the style of medieval city maps...
The Byzantine Empire in 1025AD
Linguistic map of the Byzantine Empire c. 560AD
The Byzantine World under Justinian the Great: a map resembling the Byzantine mosaics of the era
The Byzantine Empire used a system of beacons (an optical telegraph) to transmit messages across Asia Minor to Constantinople. The main line of beacons stretched over some 450 miles (720 km). A message could be transmitted the entire length of the line within an hour. #Seshat
Bird's eye view of Byzantine Constantinople (Istanbul)
Byzantine Empire and the surrounding regions after the reconquest of Justinian the Great
Distribution of Early Byzantine finds. Map by Dr. Caitlin R. Green
Extent of the Greek language spoken in the Byzantine Empire in 534 AD
Religious/ethnic map of Constantinople/Istanbul in the late 19th century (Map in Hungarian)
Byzantine-Muslim naval conflicts from its beginnings in the mid-7th century to ca. 1050
OC] Byzantine Empire - AD 565
Byzantium: World Map of 610 AD, the transition of the Eastern Roman Empire from Latin to Greek under Heraclius
Satellite photos of Istanbul City and New Istanbul Airport overlapped, new airport's size should be two times of old Constantinople
Byzantine Empire, Circa August 1071 AD
The Second Byzantine Civil War (1352-1357)
Europe and the Byzantine Empire, 525-565
Byzantine Rome under John Komnenos (r. 1118-1143) compared to modern France
The Byzantine Empire at the time of Justinian, 555 AD.
Spread of Greek Dialects in Late Byzantine Empire
Map of Byzantine-Arab naval battles
Byzantium and Sassanian Empires circa 600 AD
Distribution of early Byzantine items and contemporary imitations found outside of the boundaries of the mid-sixth-century empire of Justinian (c. 565 AD).
How Slavs and Muslims broke Byzantium in the 7th century
The Byzantine Empire during its Golden Age, 1025
Byzantium After Alexios Komnenos - Komnenian Restoration (1170 AD)
Byzantine Empire in Italy, 8th Century vs Italian Dialects Groups, 21th Century
Byzantine Empire, A.D. 565
This is a panoramic of the Madaba Mosaic Map in the Byzantine church of St. George in Madaba, Jordan. It contains the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy Land including Jerusalem. circa 6th century AD. OC
All Byzantine Greek cities razed or sacked during the Turkish invasions of Anatolia
Map of Constantinople
Byzantine Empire, 1025
Byzantine Empire Themes 1025
Transformation of the Byzantine Empire between 550-850AD
The Byzantine Empire on the death of Emperor Basil II in 1025
Byzantine Empire after the 4th crusade
Roman and early Byzantine finds from Saharan and sub-Saharan West Africa
Carolingian and Byzantine Empire and Caliphate in 814
City of Constantinople in 1554, then by far the largest city in Europe, by Piri Reis
Anatolia, 1453; on the eve of Siege of Constantinople.
The Byzantine Empire, 1081-1204 .
Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks.
Byzantine Constantinople
Map of africa found on a traveler passing through Byzantine empire (year ~1194-1308)
The Byzantine World under Justinian the Great: a gorgeous map resembling the Byzantine mosaics of the era
Phoneix of the East - Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire after the Fourth Crusade
Byzantine empire at its peak
Constantinople 1080p (8192x6205 in comments)
Constantinople mediaeval map
Caricature map showing the political situation in Europe in 1877. Russia, depicted as an octopus reaching to many countries, battles with the Turkish Empire, depicted as a turbaned figure protecting his prized gold watch, Constantinople
A Map of the Countries between Constantinople and Calcutta- Including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan and Turkestan WDL11753
Huge 18th Century Map of Medieval Byzantium ("Imperii Orientalis et Circumjacentium Regionum")
Ethnic composition of Turkey's Istanbul (aka Stamboul/Constantinople) in 1922
717 byzantium (no asia minor)
1025AD GRC
1025AD LA
Byzantijnse Rijk 1025
Byzantine during the reign of Basil II hy
Byzantine during the reign of Basil II sr
Byzantine Empire Themes 1025-de
Byzantine Empire Themes 1025-es
Byzantine Empire Themes 1025-pt
Occitan: Byzantine Empire (1025-1204) and Bulgaria (996)
LocationByzantineEmpire 1025
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-ar
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-de
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-el
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-es
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-fr
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-it
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-mk
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-pl
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-pt
Konstantinos Kaldis - View of Constantinople - 1851
Constantinople by Giacomo Franco
Le bosphore de Thrace avec le ville de Constantinople divisee en les 14 quartiers, 1780
1840 S.D.U.K. Map of Constantinople ( Istanbul, Turkey ) - Geographicus - Istanbul-sduk-1841
Second map of Asia (Byzantium and surrounding), in full gold border (NYPL b12455533-427043)
Second map of Asia (Byzantium and surrounding), in full gold border (NYPL b12455533-427043)
1784 Bocage Map of The Bosphorus and the City of Byzantium - Istanbul - Constantinople - Geographicus - Bosphorus-white-1793
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