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1611 Map of Africa , southwest Europe, southern Asia, 'Terra Incognita" and the eastern bit of Brazil
Map by Sebastian Münster circa 1550 - the first printed map of the Americas shown completely separate to Asia. Zipangri is modern day Japan. Brazil is portrayed as land of the cannibals and Argentina as land of the giants.
Since it seems you like historical maps.. This one was made around 1513 in Turkey, you can clearly see the coast of modern day Brazil.
Exports and Imports of Brazil in 2019. As you can see China, USA and Argentina are the major trade partners of Brazil. Source:
USA 🇺🇲 + India 🇮🇳 + Brazil 🇧🇷 + Russia 🇷🇺 Vs The Rest of The World
RACIAL MAP OF SÃO PAULO METRO AREA, BRAZIL (Branco/White, Pardo/Mixed, Preto/Black, Amarelo/East Asian, Indígena/Native American).
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