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1611 Map of Africa , southwest Europe, southern Asia, 'Terra Incognita" and the eastern bit of Brazil
Largest European Ancestry Group in Brazil
Ahistorical Map of How the Union of Brazil and Portugal could have evolved.
From Finland to Palestine | Brazilian States Compared: Closest Country by Human Development Index
Brazil has its own Italy
The True Size O Brazil (European countries inside Brazil)
Brazil and Eastern Europe comparison
My Ethinic Makeup! I just get my results from Family Tree DNA. I am Brazilian by the way! European, Arab, African, Amerindian, Jewish! #HappyDNADay
Nations of Europe tucked inside Brazil
The territory of Brazil can cover, Portugal to Russia. From Italy to Iceland and cover the entire North Sea, Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea.
Brazilian clubs of Serie A 2019 repositioned on the map of Europe
Paraná (Brazil) x Romania
Homicide rate in Brazil compared to Italy's
European settlement and colonization Map (South Brazil)
Altamira, Brazilian municipality with larger area than mainland Portugal. The municipality of Altamira, in the state of Pará, is one of the largest in the world and the largest in Brazil according to the IBGE. It occupies an area of 159,533 km². The mainland of Portugal has an area of 92,090 km².
Brazilian municipalities more populated than Luxembourg (LUX: 575k) (BRZ: ~60 million when added, 29% of the population)
Since it seems you like historical maps.. This one was made around 1513 in Turkey, you can clearly see the coast of modern day Brazil.
4 Brazilian municipalities that are larger than Portugal
Records of "Javali" (european boar) and feral pigs in Brazil
WASACE submarine cable route map
Finland compared to Brazil
A map of Brazil, now called New Portugal. NYPL1404018
The city of Rio de Janeiro is bigger than the entire country of Denmark
Brazil spans almost all of Europe
How Big is Brazil in comparison with Europe
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography