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1547 Map of Brazil by the French Carthographer Nicolas Vallard
The Cantino Planisphere was composed in 1502 and is the oldest surviving map to portray the recent Portuguese exploration of Brazil. It also maps Africa with striking accuracy.
The "Inexplicable Map" of Piri Reis, 1513. The map shows the western coasts of North Africa, the coast of Brazil and (very oddly) an ice-free Antarctica, long before Antartica was officially discovered.
1558 map of Brazil and West Africa by the Portuguese Cartographer Diogo Homen
1555 Map of Brazil by the French cartographer Guillaume Le Testu.
Map by Sebastian M√ľnster circa 1550 - the first printed map of the Americas shown completely separate to Asia. Zipangri is modern day Japan. Brazil is portrayed as land of the cannibals and Argentina as land of the giants.
1558 Map of Brazil and South America by the Portuguese Cartographer Diogo Homen.
Brazil 16thc map
Since it seems you like historical maps.. This one was made around 1513 in Turkey, you can clearly see the coast of modern day Brazil.
1565 Brasil Ramusio Delle Navigationi vol3 pp427-428
Vallard Atlas 1547 6 Brazil Africa Atlantic Ocean
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