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Bolivia (1885)
Map of the Empire of Brazil immediately after independence. Cisplatina would become Uruguai in 1828 and that straight line in the north would result in border disputes with Bolivia that resulted in the annexation of Acre.
1864 Mitchell Map of Brazil, Bolivia and Chili - Geographicus - SouthAmericaSouth-mitchell-1864
Peru and Bolivia (2674939107)
Brazil, Bolivia & Peru (2674936609)
1855 Colton Map of Peru and Bolivia - Geographicus - PeruBolivia-colton-1855
Karte von Peru und Bolivia Platt 1848
Map of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay; Harbor of Rio Janeiro (inset); Harbor of Bahia (inset); Map of Chili; Island of Juan Fernandez (inset). NYPL1510826
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