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Belgian Congo in 1896 – six years after Joseph Conrad took the trip that inspired Heart of Darkness
The 17 Netherlands, depicted as Leo Belgicus (the Belgian Lion or Dutch Lion) - early 17th century
1818 Pinkerton Map of Belgium
The Great War Map of Battle Lines in France and Belgium on the 25th of September 1918 (copyright 1926)
(Map in) Helmsman/Navigator's log of the Concordia, going from Ostend (Belgium) to Canton (China) 1727
The border between Belgium and the Netherlands at Baarle-Nassau
Monday's territorial exchange between the Netherlands and Belgium
Bruges, Belgium by Marcus Gerards 1562
The area around the tripoint of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (plus Neutral Moresnet) c. 1900
Map of Luxembourg should it successfully recover all annexed territories from Germany, France and Belgium
New York's Commuter Rail Network overlaid on Belgium.
Concentration of Belgians in the Netherlands and Dutchmen in Belgium per municipality
Map if regions of Belgium and Switzerland merged with neighboring countries based on the most spoken language.
There are 5 German exclaves in Belgium that are separated by a meters wide bicycle path from the rest of Germany
Gdansk, Kaliningrad, Konigsberg, Prussia: Baltic Sea Coastline to Memel (Klaipeda) Printed in Antwerp & incl. in Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1584)
Belgium and the Duchy of Luxemburg, 1876
Belgium in comparison to Sardinia
Nordwestblock - Area theorized by some to have had a unique Belgian Indo-European language distinct from Germanic or Celtic
With the Netherlands absent at the World Cup, will the Dutch support Belgium or Germany?
Vatican inside Monaco inside Liechtenstein inside Barbados inside Luxembourg inside Qatar inside Belgium inside Iceland inside Gabon inside Kenya inside Bolivia inside Algeria inside Australia... with room to drive around
6 ways to divide Belgium
8 ways to divide Belgium (mostly along the same lines)
Countries Tintin has visited (The Adventures of Tintin)
Detailed population density map of Belgium (2011)
Eight Ways To Divide Belgium
Detailed Language Map of Belgium
Total population of Netherlands/Belgium and the Nordic/Baltic States (2016)
Territories claimed by Belgian nationalists after the First World War
"The Belgian Empire"
The weird Dutch/Belgium border...
Language Areas of Belgium - green: Dutch ; blue-green: French/Dutch ; green: French ; orange: German
Map of the provinces of Belgium, with coats of arms
One way to partition Belgium
Detailed map of the Belgian railway system
Largest group of foreigners per Belgian municipality. Legend in comments.
Distribution of Belgians in The Netherlands and Dutch people in Belgium
Belgian Railways Network, Official map.
Belgium compared to its former colonies.
Could someone explain to me what the hell happened near the Dutch-Belgian border?
Population density in Belgium (2011)
Belgium National Road Network (1st and 2nd)
How about this Dutch/Belgian border?
Belgian Provinces by Population
Number of professional football teams in Belgium (top 2 divisions)
Languages and Dialects of Belgium
Winners of Miss Belgium by province (including Brussels) 1968-2019
Border exclaves and enclaves in Baarle-Hertog/Baarke-Nassau in Belgium and The Netherlands ????
Belgium divided into four areas of equal population
Belgian Congo (1949)
Map of Habsburg Netherlands and the ecclesiastical enclaves of Liège, 1548
1951 population density map of the Belgian Congo and Belgian Ruanda-Urundi
Birthplace of Belgian prime ministers
Map of Belgium, below that a map of the Belgian province of Liège (Luik). Spot the ten differences
Provinces of Belgium by population (2017)
Population density of Belgium and the surrounding area (2011)
The very odd map of Belgium on Spotify
1950 of the Belgian Congo.
Territorial disputes of Venezuela shown on map in Brussels Chocolate Museum
Duchy of Limburg - Joan Blaeu's map - 1648
1920 Belgium and Luxembourg after the annexation of Eupen & Malmedy
Belgium as the Navajo and Hopi Territories (same scale) (OC)
Street View Coverage Germany vs. Belgium
Map of the defenses of Antwerp published right before its fall to the Germans during World War 1 in October 1914.
result of the 2018 elections in Flanders and Brussels (link in comments)
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland can easily fit into Turkey
This bizarre border between Belgium and the Netherlands in the town Baarle
Handdrawn map of the provinces of Belgium and the Netherlands
Part of Belgium engraved by J. Kirkwood
Belgium population density per arrondissement (2015)
Map of Brussels/Bruxelles, 1837
Brussels City Map
Average income in Belgium per inhabitant
How many times can you fit Belgium into its former colony?
German-Belgian border: What's the history behind these three German enclaves?
Most climed hills in the Tour of Flanders
Neutral Moresnet, 1816—1919 (condominium on the Belgian/Prussian border): triptych for the Dutch/Flemish 'Boekenweekessay'; a map by /u/jumperjack
20 000 people measured the air quality at their house in Flanders (north-Belgium).
Gerard de Jode 1593 Map Northern hemisphere
Antwerp, the march and the most important buildings in 1624
The detail of Belgium and Switzerland in the Times atlas of he world
You can perfectly fit 7 countries into Turkey. (Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Ireland)
1747 La Feuille Map of Flanders ( Holland and Belgium) - Geographicus - Flandre-lafeuille-1747
Brussels 1837 Saint Gaugericus
Brussels 1837
1884 Map of the Belgium Congo
The Spainish Netherlands 1690 detail Namur
Liege blaeu 1649
Map of Holland, The Netherlands 1558
Principauté de Liège 1787 (2)
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Antwerp Township
Daniel Keller. Asiae nova descriptio (Antwerpen, 1590).L
Daniel Keller. Asiae nova descriptio (Antwerpen, 1590).LD
Daniel Keller. Asiae nova descriptio (Antwerpen, 1590).LU11
Daniel Keller. Asiae nova descriptio (Antwerpen, 1590).LU12
1730 Homann Heirs Map of Belgium and Luxembourg - Geographicus - BelgiumCatholicum-hmhr-1747
Daniel Keller. Asiae nova descriptio (Antwerpen, 1590).LU2
Daniel Keller. Asiae nova descriptio (Antwerpen, 1590).LU3
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