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Average temperature in Belarus in January (Celsius)
West Russia (aka Poland, Belarus and Ukraine) - early XXth century
As agreed to by the German Empire and Bolshevik Russia in 1917, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk outlined a postwar Eastern Europe with these borders
Europe - 1918, April - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
If you walk from Madrid to Minsk in a straight line, you will pass through both Prague and Warsaw.
Seven ways to divide Belarus
Map of Reichskommissariat Ostland, the German civilian occupation regime in the Baltic States, Northern Poland, and Western Belarus.
Native speakers of Belarusian in Belarus
Percentage of Poles in Lithuania and Belarus in 2011
East Slavic Languages ( Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Rusyn) in the Russian Empire 1897
Average temperature in Belarus in July (Celsius)
Mythical enemy nation of "Veyshnoria" used as a target in 2017 Zapad Russian-Belarusian military drills versus support for the Belarusian Nationalist opposition party in 1994
Greater Belarus, 1940
The borders of a post-war Eastern Europe, as defined by the victorious German Empire and the defeated Russian Provisional Government. Treaty of Brest-Litvosk, 1917
Languages spoken at home in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova (2009)
Polish minority in Belarus
German East after Treaty of Brest Litovsk (3rd March 1918)
The Baltics In 1917 After The Treaty Of Brest-Litovsk
BELARUSIAN PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC ------- A Country That Existed From 1918 To 1919
Detailed Emoji map of Belarus
Who can go to Belarus without a visa?
This Viking Cruise route used a map of the Russia-Belarus Union State for some reason
Minsk fortified by a freeway
A map of the Yiddish language in what is now Belarus back in 1897 .
Languages spoken at home in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova (2009)
Average precipitation of Belarus in January (millimetres)
Map of Belarus from 1903
Belarus, maximum air temperature for Oct 30, 2018 (Source: meteoinfo.by)
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1917 and Central Powers temporary gains in the east
Abandoned PZL TS-11 Iskra aircraft in Poland, close to the border with Belarus
Amber Rail Freight Corridor - In 2019 opened rail corridor connecting Port of Koper with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland - various connections to Austria, Belarus and Serbia.
Belarus Home Languages 2009
Ethnic Groups by Subdivision in Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus
A map of the Tatar percentage in Belarus in 2009 .
Plan of Brest (1801)
Ethnic composition of Belarus and Eastern Lithuania (1919)
Belarusians in Belarus 2009
Poles in Belarus share 2009
Bellin - Plan Brest 1764
Belarus 1882
Belarus Census 2009 - languages spoken at home Belarusian&Russian
Poles in Belarus 2009
Poles in Belarus distribution, Census 2009
Russians in Belarus 2009
Ukrainians in Belarus 2009
Cereal yields in Belarus, 2013
Birth rate 2014 Belarus
Death rate 2014 Belarus
Forests share in Belarus by raions, 2014
Natural growth 2014 Belarus
Minsk Protocol
Belarus compared to Florida
European lower houses by ideology. The darkest the colour is, the most amount of political parties of each side of the spectrum there is, meaning that, for example, France and Belarus have about the same percentage of left-leaning representatives, but they're not from the same ideology.
Belarus Census 2009 - languages spoken at home Belarusian&Russian for rural population
Belarus Census 2009 - languages spoken at home Belarusian&Russian Urban
Belarus Over Working Age Population 2009
Belarus Under Working Age Population 2009
Belarus Elementary Education 2009
Poles in Belarus distribution, Census 2009 plus
Белоруссия в 2009 г.
Cereal yields in Belarus, 2012x
Emission of pollutants into air from stationary sources, Belarus, 2013
Milk yield in Belarus, 2013
Production of cereals in Belarus, 2013
Production of milk in Belarus, 2013
Карта эпизоотии АЧС в Беларуси 2013
Belarus small business organizations per capita, 2014
Population of employable age (share of total) in Belarus, 2014
Population over employable age (share of total) in Belarus, 2014
Population under employable age in Belarus, 2014
Minsk governorate 1821
Belarusian language in the Russian Empire (1897)
Map of Minsk Namestnichestvo 1796 (small atlas)
Atlas of Russian Empire (1800). Minsk governorate
Map of Slonim Namestnichestvo 1796 (small atlas)
Brest 1724
Plan de la rade de Brest
Château de Brest 1723
1Château de Brest
Vue de Brest en rade et plan du banc 1689
Map of the liberties of Brest by Abraham Ortelius
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