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The current locations of the ten aircraft carriers of the United States Navy
British America 1899 - from "The Monarch Standard Atlas of the Commercial, Geographical, and Historical World" by J. Martin Miller. Chicago, 1906
US towns with animals in their names, compared to the current range of that animal
Countries with Restaurants in the Current or Previous World's 50 Best List, Asia's 50 Best List or Latin America's 50 Best List
Locations where all US presidencies under the current Constitution started and ended
US congressional districts colored by the birth year of the current representative
Full map of the current US interstate system as of 2014 including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
Idea for a new subdivision of the United States, respecting the current county borders
North America in 3174 A.D. according to "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M. Miller Jr.
1903 Alaska boundary dispute
1803 Cary Map of Florida, Central America, the Bahamas, and the West Indies - Geographicus - WestIndies-cary-1803
1900 National Publishing Railroad Map of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island - Geographicus - MACTRI-nationalpublishing-1900
1904 U.S.G.S. Map of Easthampton, Long Island, New York - Geographicus - Easthampton-uscs-1925
Ballot access of Merlin Miller in the 2012 US Presidential Election
1904 U.S.G.S. Map of Long Island New York (Islip, Brookhaven, Smithtown) - Geographicus - Setauket-uscs-1925
1904 U.S.G.S. Map of Long Island, New York, Fire Island, Brookhaven, Moriches - Geographicus - Moriches-uscs-1925
United States Statistics, etc., 1870. - Post Offices, Rail Road Stations, and on Long Island. NYPL1527253
North Atlantic Ocean, southeast coast of North America, including the Bahamas and Greater Antilles (2674797097)
Section 4 of Freeport NYPL1633836
Section 6 of Freeport NYPL1633833
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