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1937 Map of the Current Situation in East Asia - by Osaka Daily News
Tabula Peutingeriana, 1-4th century CE. Facsimile edition by Konrad Miller, 1887/1888.
Reconstruction of Pomponius Mela's World Map (1st Century CE) by Konrad Miller, 1898
A map of Pangea but with the current International borders
Map of the current drought in southern Sweden and Denmark compared with 2017
Long Island, according to Urban Dictionary
The current locations of the ten aircraft carriers of the United States Navy
Baltimore's street grid was laid out to point to the magnetic north. ~250 years later, it's 3 degrees off from the current true north; map from 1886 vs. MapQuest 2017 (OC)
Countries in Europe where the current or last monarch belongs to a house of German origin
Satellite photo showing how much of Grand Bahama around Freeport is underwater because of Dorian. The yellow line is the normal coastline.
How would you judge the current economic situation in your country?
Didn't like any of the current Cardiff train maps, so I learned to use Illustrator and made my own!
British America 1899 - from "The Monarch Standard Atlas of the Commercial, Geographical, and Historical World" by J. Martin Miller. Chicago, 1906
Price of cannabis in Canada for each province in the current informal market, data from priceofweed.com
The current state of Net Neutrality around the world.
US towns with animals in their names, compared to the current range of that animal
Year the Current Constitution was Adopted
The world according to Pomponius Mela, the earliest Roman geographer (circa 43 AD). Reconstructed by Konrad Miller in 1898.
Wealth of countries compared to Jeff Bezos's net worth (Sources: Forbes, Credit Suisse)
Countries with Restaurants in the Current or Previous World's 50 Best List, Asia's 50 Best List or Latin America's 50 Best List
The ghost of Boston's Governor's Island and Fort Winthrop are clearly visible in this overlay of a 1938 eerial photo of Logan Airport, combined with the current Google aerial. Runway 4R goes right through the western edge of the island. OC (See interactive mapping links in the comments)
Political Map of the European Union by Party leading the current Goverment (Open for fixes)
Map of europe and the current EU if the sea level rises by 50 meters
Empires of China, Japan, and Korea from "Monarch Standard Atlas of the Commercial, Geographical, and Historical World" by J. Martin Miller
Locations where all US presidencies under the current Constitution started and ended
Map of the current situation in Yemen
Border exclaves and enclaves in Baarle-Hertog/Baarke-Nassau in Belgium and The Netherlands ????
Distribution of Armenians in the early 17th century, a few decades after its conquest by the Ottomans, within the current borders of Turkey
The current situation in Palestine as of 2019
The Map of India, Arabia, the Horn of Africa the and Indian Ocean by Pedro and Jorge Reinel of the Miller Atlas, a Portuguese illustrated atlas dated from 1519.
The Globe Map made by Pedro and Jorge Reinel of the Miller Atlas, a Portuguese illustrated atlas dated from 1519.
1855 map of Cuba, Jamaica, Porto Rico, and the Bahamas
Howard Miller World Clock 1959
The Islands of the Bahamas (circa 1951)
US congressional districts colored by the birth year of the current representative
Map of the Inca Empire (1525 CE) over the current political map of the region
H1N1 Australia Type Map
Full map of the current US interstate system as of 2014 including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
The current Partisan makeup of each state legislature, with State House and Senate averaged.
The Age of Borders, showing when the current borders of the world's nations were first defined.
Amid the current map controversy, here is the actual location of the Shetland Islands (in red), link in comments
Brazil 16thc map
The current situation of the NSW + Queensland fires in Australia
Whimsical illustrations of ships and sea life painted by Russ Smiley liven up this map of the Exuma Cays from the February 1967 issue.
The current political situation in Kashmir
The Islands of the Bahamas by George Annand (1951)
Map of the county of Nassau (1630)
Interested in the 'now'? A window into the current stream flow/height conditions in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Real-time streamgage data via USGS. Weather info via NWS, Mesonet, and more.
Idea for a new subdivision of the United States, respecting the current county borders
North America in 3174 A.D. according to "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M. Miller Jr.
The Current Picture - A map of warning Qing dynasty’s colonial risk at end of 19th century
Reconstruction of Pomponius Mela's world map by Konrad Miller, 1898
Countries expected to pass 3 Trillion int. $ in GDP by 2050 (roughly the size of the current British economy)
Current Edmonton LRT
Reinel Reinel LopoHomem 1519
The current status of highways across North Dakota
A Map of the Current Time Zones
Total area burnt during the current NSW fires.
1903 Alaska boundary dispute
1519 pedro reinel i lopo homen atlas miller 04 atlantic
Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria
Nassau County, Florida - from an old map (HD)
1793 Fort Greene Ville - (Fort where Lewis and Clark struck up a friendship) overlaid on a satellite image of the current city.
The current fire danger ratings for NSW, Australia this coming Tuesday
2003Millervotebypoll small
Map of the Balkan States (Miller, William, 1896)
1815 Thomson Map of Cuba. Bermuda ^ the Bahamas - Geographicus - Cuba-t-1816
1882 map of Long Island Railroad
Kurhessen und Nassau
1873 Beers Map of Hunters Point (Long Island City), Queens, New York - Geographicus - HuntersPoint-beers-1873
1803 Cary Map of Florida, Central America, the Bahamas, and the West Indies - Geographicus - WestIndies-cary-1803
LIRR 1891 Long Island City
1873-Union Course
Miller County Arkansas, 1835, from State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas
FNS front
Freeport NY-1873
1929 Bahamas hurricane Andros Island map
Birth Place of the first danish Chancellor to the current Prime Ministers
The current state of the civil war in Syria and Iraq.
Lopo Homem - “Atlas Miller” (Madagascar) - Portugal, 1519
From Forbes
Township of Glenelg, Grey County, Ontario, 1880
Map of Toronto soil types, 1913
AtlasMiller BNF OceanoIndico
Taylor Map - Works of Simpson Hall Miller and Company
Calle de los Señores de Luzón (San Salvador), Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo002 (cropped)
Darlington map of the bahamas 1680
Iglesia de San Salvador. Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo002 (cropped)
1900 National Publishing Railroad Map of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island - Geographicus - MACTRI-nationalpublishing-1900
1857 U.S. Coast Survey Map of Eastern Long Island (Hamptons, Amagansett) - Geographicus - SouthernLongIslandMP-uscs-1857
Res. of A.D. Harrington, Oxford, N.Y; Res. of H.L. Miller, Fort Hill Square, Oxford N.Y. NYPL1576083
Map and plan to illustrate the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27th 1776 - compiled by Henry Onderdonk, Jr. NYPL434563
1904 U.S.G.S. Map of Easthampton, Long Island, New York - Geographicus - Easthampton-uscs-1925
1598 London Map by Münster
Brooklyn, Vol. 4, Double Page Plate No. 24; Part of Ward 26; Sections 12 and 14; (Map bounded by Newlots Ave., Alabama Ave., Stanley Ave; Inclluding Fresh Creek, E. 107th St., Powell St.) NYPL1697692
The Fort in New Yorke - (drawn from memory by the Reverend John Miller). NYPL434562
Res. of G.B. Hunt, Esq., Town of Clarence; Res. of Daniel Rode's Town of Clarence; Res. of the Late Smith Pugsley Town of Clarence.; Bernhard House, Clarence Hollow, N.Y., Peter Bernhard, NYPL1584532
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