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'Frankland Map' - 1839 Map of Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania)
A chart of New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land. Surveys in the interior of New South Wales. (with) Van Diemen's Land, from the most recent authorities and surveys. (with) Part of Australasia. (with) British settlements at Port Jackson, &c from 1823.
Australia in 1839. Population - New South Wales 78,000 ; Van Diemen Land 43,000 ; Port Phillip 3,000 ; South Australia 13,000 ; Western Australia 4,000 ; 141,000
"1838 FAILED 10-STATE AUSTRALIA PROPOSAL": Published in the Journal of The Royal Geographical Society in London, this map urged for the creation of 10 states on the continent - Dampieria, Victoria, Tasmania, Nuytsland, Carpentaria, Torresia, Cooksland, Guelphia, Van Diemen's Land, & Flindersland
Dutch Gold Coast after the Anglo-Dutch forts trade (1867)
Map of Van Diemen's Island or Tasmania from 1854.
Map of Western Australia Containing the Settlements of Swan River, the proposed colony of Australind, and King Georg's Sound from recent Surveys's sent to the Colonial Office. Van-Diemen Island from 1833.
1849 S.D.U.K. Map of Tasmania or Van Diemen's Land and Western Australia - Geographicus - VanDiemen-sduk-1849
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