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1867 New Haven, Middletown and Boston Railroad map
Collet Map excerpt showing Wilmington and Brunswick
Part of Middletown (Village) NYPL1652169
Part of Middletown (Village) NYPL1652172
Residence and Mill of Henry B. Hulse, Middletown. Orange Co., N.Y. NYPL1652180
Part of Middletown and Southfield. NYPL1515710
Part of Middletown. NYPL1515720
Part of Northfield and Middletown. NYPL1515705
Part of Northfield and Middletown. NYPL1515718
Part of Southfield and Middletown. NYPL1515690
Middletown, Delaware (2674619046)
The street railway review (1891) (14572163978)
View of Middletown, N.Y. (2675037261)
Knickerbocker. John E. Wood, Middletown, Orange Co., N.Y. NYPL1652219
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