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Late 1920s Population Density Map of Australia
Half the population of Australia live in the blue areas
Population Map of Australia, from the 1921 Census
The locations of half of the Australian population
Half the population of Australia represented in red
Map of Australia with a so called 'remoteness index', illustrating how far locations in Australia are from population centers
Australian population cartogram
Comparison maps of Australian Cities (Size, Population)
Australian Population Density 2017
Population map | Australia
This 1922 map of Australia shows the ratio of females (top number) to males (bottom number) by section
Western Australia (population ~2.6 million) Divided into 3 Regions of Equal Population
Only 2% of the Australian population lives in the yellow area.
Half the population of Australia - plus the other half - and the unpopulated areas
Australia Divided by 4, Population
South Australia divided into three roughly equal areas of population (about 560k)
Australia has an average population density of 3.3 person/sq km, making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world:)
Australian residents by country of birth according to the 2016 census
Map of population density in Australia
Australia organized by population
Australia, with 7 states of equal population
Indigenous Australians as percentage of the population
Indigenous Australians as a percentage of the population
Australia cut into areas with the same Population as New Zealand
The five most populous cities of Victoria, Australia form a Fibonacci spiral in population order
States and territories of Australia as European countries of similar population
Australian States by percentage of population living in the capital city
Australia mapped in a grid with the size of each square proportional to population
Population density of Australia
Australia's Population Spread OC
Population Density of Australia - June 2016
Australia split into 4 parts of equal population
Population Lines of New Brunswick : showing population density by latitude
Population of Australia, grouped and graded, census 1921
Population Density Map of Australia compared with the Habitability Map of Australia from 1946
Oz Might Be Big M8, But We Aussies Are Less In Number - Yellow Area Represents The Area Inhabited By 2% Of Australia's Population.
Percentage of each Australian State/Territory's population that resides in the capital city.
White population in Australia and New Zealand
Australia divided into four areas of equal population (2016)
Largest Minority Religion in Each State of Australia (2016 Census)
Australia in 1839. Population - New South Wales 78,000 ; Van Diemen Land 43,000 ; Port Phillip 3,000 ; South Australia 13,000 ; Western Australia 4,000 ; 141,000
Map of New Brunswick Census Divisions by predominant country of birth for immigrants
Fastest Growing Minority Religion in Each State of Australia (2016 Census)
Australian Population Density
50% of Australia's population live in blue
Melbourne compared to NYC, which is twice Melbournes population
Results of the Australian Referendum of 1967 - including Aboriginal Australians citizens in determinations of population
Number of People Living in Apartments as a Percentage of Total Population in Australian States
Australia- Population Map of 1920
98% of Australian population lives outside the yellow area
Infographic of population change in the Canadian provinces and Territories according to the 2016 census. Note the population decline in New Brunswick.
Mean centre of population for Australia, 1911-1996
Melbourne compared to NYC, which is twice Melbourne’s population
Every town in South Australia with a population over 1,000 people
MacQueen (surname dist. map, Canada 1911 Census)
Kingston 2006 senior population in Central Kingston - source 2006 Census
This heat map reflects the global diversity of ingredients in cuisine, with dark red being the most diverse. Countries with big immigrant populations like the U.S., Argentina, and Australia tend to have the greatest diversity.
3D Visualisation of Population Density in Sydney
Map of Australia showing capital cities and their latitudes and age-adjusted prevalence of multiple sclerosis per 100k population
Metropolitan areas with larger population than Australia
54% of Australia's population lives in the area marked red
Australia with 7 states of equal population
Half the population of Australia lives in the red zone.
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