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1853 Japanese World Map
James Cook's Map of the East Coast of "New South Wales", 1770
"The Flags of a Free Empire, Showing the Emblems of British Power Throughout the World" Map of the British Empire (1910), by Arthur Mee
A map of Aboriginal Australia before the British Empire invaded, representing the language, social and nation groups.
"Australia's birth certificate" : Joan Blaeu's Archipelagi Orientalis Sive Asiaticus (1663), the earliest known map of Australia and New Zealand. Follows Tasman's voyages of 1642-43 and 1644, on which Australia's mapping of was based until James Cook mapped the eastern coast
Map of New Holland (Australia), New Guinea, and New Zealand from 1644, based on a map by the Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu of the lands then recently explored by the Dutch East India Company.
1800 Faden Rennell Wall Map of India - Geographicus - India-faden-1795
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