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Map of the Atlantic-Pacific Railroad (1883), bu J H Coulton
The path of every recorded Atlantic Hurricane since 1851
Volume and direction of the trans-Atlantic slave trade from all African to all American regions between 1500-1860.
Tracks of North Atlantic tropical cyclones (1851—2012)
Mid-Atlantic canal system constructed in 19th century to transport coal and industrial goods.
Canada provinces 1867-1870
Map of the All-Water Route from the Mississippi to New York & the Eastern Atlantic, 1885
Map of first Tran-Atlantic Telegraph Cable 1853
Atlantic Ocean, Toscanelli, 1474
Atlantic cable Map
North Atlantic, 1835
1814 Thomson Map of the Atlantic Ocean - Geographicus - Atlantic-t-1814
1870 Atlantic & Gulf
Appletons' annual cyclopædia and register of important events of the year (1876) (14756619776)
Page Plate No. 11; (Map bounded by Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Gowanus Bay, Van Brunt St; Including Erie Basin, Bowne St., Imlay St.) NYPL1695430
Double Page Plate No. 23- (Bounded by (U.S. Government Reservation) Fort Hamilton Avenue, 86th Street, Bay 2nd Street, Benson Avenue, Delaplaine Street, Atlantic Avenue, (Dyker Beach Park)) NYPL1517509
MELLISS(1875) p027 - Map of the South Atlantic Ocean
Coltons map of the United States of America, the British provinces, Mexico and the West Indies showing the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean (9471060251)
A Chart of the Atlantic or Western Ocean - Jones, sc. NYPL433947
A Chart of the Atlantic or Western Ocean. NYPL465943
Chart of the Atlantic Ocean. NYPL433756
Map bounded by Front St, Gouverneurs Lane, Pier - Line 1-13; Including South St, Staten Island Ferry, Hamilton Av Ferry, Atlantic St Ferry, Whitehall St, Moore St, Broad St, Coenties Slip, NYPL1648029
IMRAY(1884) p1030 (6) Currents in the Atlantic Ocean
IMRAY(1884) p1060 (7) Basin of the Atlantic Ocean
IMRAY(1884) p1120 (10) Tracks in the Atlantic Ocean
A chart of the Atlantic or Western Ocean - drawn from the latest surveys and astronomical observations by J. and A. Walker, London and Liverpool 1830. NYPL434934
Map bounded by Front Street, Burling Slip, Pier - Line 1-20, Whitehall; Including South Street, Staten Island Ferry, Hamilton Ferry, Atlantic Ferry, Moore Street, Broad Street, Coenties Slip, NYPL1648014
Ol. 5. Plate, I. (Map bound by Atlantic St., State St., Bond St., Butler St., Court St., Harrison St., Clinton St; Including Pacific St., Dean St., Bergen St., Wyckoff St., Warren St., Baltic NYPL1627529
Vol. 1. Plate, D. (Map bounded by Putnam Ave., Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn Ave., New York Ave., Atlantic Ave., Franklin Ave., Brevoort Pl., Bedford Ave; Including Jefferson St., Hancock St., NYPL1627462
The new war map of Maryland, part of Virginia & Pennsylvania
Vol. 1. Plate, H. (Map bound by Atlantic Ave., New York Ave., Butler St., Park Pl., Franklin Ave; Including Pacific St., Dean St., Bergen St., St. Marks Ave., Prospect Pl., Bedford Ave., NYPL1627466
Vol. 1. Plate, K. (Map bound by Decatur St., Saratoga Ave., Herkimer St., Howard Ave., Atlantic Ave., Buffalo Ave., Patchen Ave; Including Bainbridge St., Chauncey St., Marion St., Sumpter NYPL1627469
Plate 17- (Bounded by Brooklyn and Jamaica Plank Road, Wyckoff Avenue, Liberty Avenue, Ruby Street, Jamaica South Road, Drew Avenue, Baltic Avenue, Forbell Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Elderts NYPL1523087
Vol. 1. Plate, R. (Map bound by Atlantic Ave., Herkimer St., Hopkinson Ave., Prospect Pl., Buffalo Ave; Including Pacific St., Dean St., Bergen St., St. Marks Ave., Ralph Ave., Howard Ave., NYPL1627478
Vol. 1. Plate, T. (Map bound by Herkimer St., Rockaway Ave., Fulton St., Truxton St., City Line, Prospect Pl., Hopkinson Ave; Including Atlantic Ave., Pacific St., Dean St., Bergen St., St. NYPL1627480
Atlantic (Township) NYPL1603075
Chart of the Atlantic Ocean - with an illustration of the character and rout(e) of a storm which occurred on the American coast in August 1830 - William Hooker, engraver, New York. NYPL465018
Vol. 4. Plate, A. (Map bound by Atlantic Ave., Flatbush Ave., St. Johns Place, Douglass St., Fourth Ave; Including Pacific St., Dean St., Berg St., Wyckoff St., St. Marks Ave., Warren St., NYPL1627502
Vol. 5. Plate, E. (Map bound by Pierrepont St., Fulton St., Court St., Atlantic Ave., East River; Including Montague St., Remsen St., Grace Court, Joralemon St., Livingston St., Schermerhorn NYPL1627525
Vol. 5. Plate, F. (Map bound by Johnson St., Pearl St., Myrtle Ave., Fleet Place, Fleet St., Bond St., State St., Boerum St., Atlantic Ave., Court St., Fulton St; Including Fair St., NYPL1627526
Vol. 5. Plate, G. (Map bound by Washington Park, Portland Ave., Atlantic Ave., Fourth Ave., Flatbush Ave., Fulton St., Fleet St., Fleet Pl., Bolivar St; Including Elliot Place, Canton St., NYPL1627527
Vol. 5. Plate, H. (Map bound by Atlantic Ave., Clinton St., Harrison St., East River; Including Pacific St., Amity St., Congress St., Verandan Pl., Warren St., Baltic St., Columbia St., Hicks NYPL1627528
Vol. 5. Plate, N. (Map bound by Hamilton Ave., Carroll St., Columbia St., Verona St., East River; Including India St., Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Rapelyea St., Woodhull St., Bowne St., NYPL1627534
Vol. 5. Plate, Q. (Map bound by Atlantic Basin, Verona St., Columbia St., Otsego St., Partition St., Buttermilk Channel; Including Tremont St., Clinton Wharf, William St., King St., Sullivan NYPL1627537
Chart shewing the tracks across the North Atlantic Ocean, of Don Christopher Columbus - eng'd by W. Kemble. NYPL434930
1870 Atlantic hurricane season map
Map of the Atlantic to illustrate euopean colonisation in America (1888)
The street railway review (1891) (14572163978)
Map of South America, showing its political divisions; Map showing the proposed Atrato-inter-oceanic canalroutes, for connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans (inset). NYPL1510824
General chart, of the North Atlantic, or Western Ocean, from the equator to 62° north latitude, according to the latest, surveys and observations (7537852226)
Holmdel (Village); Marlboro (Village); Edinburg (Village); Atlantic Township Business Notices.; Colts Neck (Village) NYPL1603074
Double Page Plate No. 17- (Bounded by Atlantic Avenue, Albany Avenue, Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue.) NYPL1517470
Double Page Plate No. 18- (Bounded by Albany Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Buffalo Avenue and East New York Avenue.) NYPL1517471
Double Page Plate No. 21- (Bounded by Evergreen Avenue, Central Avenue, Bushwick Avenue, (Evergreen Cemetery) Boulevard, Miller Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, East New York Avenue, Atlantic Avenue.) NYPL1517462
Map of the Atlantic States, showing distances from Washington (in bee line) by 50 mile circles (5961377854)
Double Page Plate No. 26- (Bounded by Grand Avenue, Willoughby Avenue, Marcy Avenue, Fulton Street, New York Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.) NYPL1517472
Double Page Plate No. 27- (Bounded by Willoughby Avenue, Steuben Street, Lafayette Avenue, Grand Avenue, Atlantic Ave (Jamaica Turnpike), Flatbush Avenue, Fulton Street, (Fort Green) Dekalb Avenue.) NYPL1517459
Double Page Plate No. 42- (Bounded by Jamaica Avenue, Miller Avenue, Highland Boulevard, Forcetube Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Dresden Street, Atlantic Avenue, Berriman Street, Pitkin Avenue and NYPL1517481
Double Page Plate No. 45- (Bounded by Atlantic Avenue, Eldert's Lane, Glen Street, Forbell Avenue, Magenta Street, Drew Street, Broadway, Ruby Street, Belmont Avenue, Drew Street, Dumont NYPL1517486
Double Page Plate No. 6- (Bounded by (Buttermilk Channel) Ferris St., (Atlantic Basin) Clinton William St., Conover St., Commercial Wharf, Verona St., Van Brunt St., Delvan St., Dwight St., NYPL1517531
Double Page Plate No. 5; (Map boounded by Montague St. (Raised), Furman St., Atlantic St; Including East River, Joralemon St., Ferry To Wall St. New York) NYPL1695425
Double Page Plate No. 6; (Map bounded by Atlantic St., Columbia St., Pacific St., Amity St., Congress St; Including Waren St., Baltic St., Harrison St., Van Brunt St.) NYPL1695426
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