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A 1738 map of China, drawn from those of the particular provinces made on the spot by the Jesuit missionaries
1733 map of Iran and surrounding area
Found this map while helping grandparents move with receipt of purchase from Argosy rare books in '49 listed as "China, First Amer. Map. 1795."
Map of Carte des Isles Philippines from 1780 Detailed French map solely devoted to the Philippines by Louis Brion De La Tour from his atlas, Histoire Universel.
Japanese 18th century map of Yunnan Province, China
Ottoman map of southeast Asia (1728)
1746 map of Asia
1724 Map of East Asia and Australia
1749 map of Central Asia
(Map in) Helmsman/Navigator's log of the Concordia, going from Ostend (Belgium) to Canton (China) 1727
1740 Map of Asia
Map of Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae, tam majoru et Asiatica, quam minoris et Europae Tabula. from 1746.Detailed map of Russia in Asia and Europe. Extends to China, Japan, Korea and south to Tibet and the Himalayas.
1764 map of China
French Map of South India, June 1737
1772 map of North America and Greenland, with adjacent parts of Europe and Asia. This map was drawn by Vaugondy to illustrate the mythical voyage of Captain Cluny
1797 map of Australasia, Polynesia and part of South-East Asia. Australia is called Ulimaroa
Laurie and Whittle's 1797 chart of the Indian and Pacific Oceans between the Burma, New Holland and Japan
1752 map of the North Pacific compiled by Philippe Buache from the work of Joseph de L'Isle, showing the coasts of Asia south to Japan and America to Yucatan
1747 Topographic map of Celebes (Sulawesi), Indonesia
Map of China, Chinese Tartary and Tibet, from 1737
1737 map of far north east Asia
Ottoman Map of the Indian Ocean and the China Sea, 1728, Cartographer Ibrahim Muteferrika
Discoveries made in 1787 In the Seas of China and Tartary between Manila and Avacha by
1770 map of south and southeast Asia
1752 map of east and south east Asia
1738 map of China covering an area from Tibet to Kamtchatka to Noppon . Issued in an Italian version
India states compared to countries of similar GDP (1486 X 1734)
1715 De L'Isle Map of the Eastern Roman Empire under Constantine (Asia Minor, Black Sea, Balkans)
China at its territorial peak in 1765
Philippines Map (1734)
Daikokoya Kodayu - Landkarte von Japan
1744 map of Asia from Middle East, Russia, India, China, Japan to Southeast Asia showing the north coast of Australia
Central Asian Khanates and Tribes, 1800-1830
A map of Japan made in the Ottoman Empire (1728)
Map of the "North Province" of Portuguese India (1534-1739).
The Maratha Empire (India, 1760)
India1760 1905
1776 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Bihar and Bengal, India - Geographicus - BaharBengal-dury-1776
Map of Afghanistan during the Safavid and Moghul Empire
India, 1700-1792
1737 Map of Asia by the French Carthographer Jean Baptiste Bourguignon D'Anville.
"A new map of North America: with the British, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish dominions on that great continent, and the West India Islands according to the definitive treaty concluded at Paris 10th February 1763" by Robert de Vaugondy, Robert Sayer & Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
Map of Asia by C. Homann (1730)
Old Chinese Map, representing China (中国) and Japan (日本) - jambudvipa 1710
Recruitment Map of the Dutch East India Company During the 18th C.
Viceroyalty of the New Spain 1800 (without Philippines)
Map of Taiwan and the Satsuma Daimyo (1781)
Map of India in 1795
Map of the Lanfang Republic (1777–1884), a Chinese state in the island of Borneo, Indonesia
Plan of Fort St George and the City of Madras 1726
1754 De Fonte Map of the Northwest Passage (America - Asia - Polar)
Restored 1741 linguistic map of Asia
Map of the Philippines 1785.
1777 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Delhi and Agra, India - Geographicus - DelhiAgrah-dury-1777
1730 Seutter Map of Turkey (Ottoman Empire), Persia and Arabia - Geographicus - MagniTurcarum-seutter-1740
18th Century Detailed Map of Western Asia
Real Map Asia 1780 from Paris
Modern Asia, sirca 1796
1793 Faden Wall Map of India - Geographicus - India-faden-1793
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
Iran e Bozorg2
Conceptual map of the world, based on Buddhist Literature from India and China, with the Himalayan Mountains in the center, and Europe and South America shown as small islands, 1710
Coromandel Coast 1753
Battles and campaigns waged by the Spanish, Dutch East India Company, and Tausug in the Sulu Islands and Mindanao in the Philippines, 1636-1748.
India 1765-1857
Map of Tab: Geogr: Imperu Russici from Rare and detailed map of the Russian Empire extending to China and Japan with an elaborate Rococo style title cartouche at lower left from 1759.
"Plan de Goa", in Histoire générale des voyages,1750
NWIndia 1765 imperial gazeteer
Indian Mysore Kingdom 1784 map
1786 - A map of Bengal, Bahar, Oude & Allahabad - James Rennell - William Faden
1800 Faden Rennell Wall Map of India - Geographicus - India-faden-1795
Persian(IRAN) Empire 1747
Moll, Herman. Turkey in Asia; or Asia Minor &c. 1736
Philippines (1721)
Map of Tartaria from 1740.Exquisite map of central Asia and Siberia by Giovambattista Albrizzi, publisher, patron, collector and one of the great figures of eighteenth-century Venetian intellectual and cultural life.
Map of the Dzungaria region of Central Asia, drawn by Johan Gustav Renat ca. 1730's while a prisoner of the Dzungars
Map of Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia, et Africa Regiones Proprias, Tributartias, Clientelares from 1737.
18th Century Map of Asia
Danish map of Taiwan (Formosa) from 1751
Map of the Philippines - 1744
Chart of the N.W. coast of America and the N.E. coast of Asia, explored in the years 1778 and 1779
1756 Bellin Map of Kollam Fort, Kerala, India - Geographicus - Coylan-bellin-1756
India 1763 EN
Plan of the Fort of Bangalore from sights, without measurement
1772 Vaugondy and Diderot Map of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Passage
Modern Asia (1796)
1724 De L'Isle Map of Persia (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan) - Geographicus - Persia-delisle-1724. G
1760 Bellin Map of Bali, Indonesia - Geographicus - Bali-bellin-1760
William Adams 1707 map of Japan
Map of the Indian Ocean and the China Sea was engraved in 1728 by Ibrahim Müteferrika
Channel of Sua Diva1784 D'Anville Wall Map of Asia - Geographicus - Asia-anville-1794
1730 C. Homann Map of Asia - Geographicus - Asiae-homann-1730
1730 Ottens Map of Persia (Iran, Iraq, Turkey) - Geographicus - RegnumPersicum-ottens-1730
Kazakhstan at the beginning of the 18th century
Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa (1752)
Map of Tartaria from 1740.Exquisite map of central Asia and Siberia by Giovambattista Albrizzi, publisher, patron, collector and one of the great figures of eighteenth-century Venetian intellectual and cultural life.
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