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Canada divided into four regions of equal populations (based on 2015 Federal ridings)
Population Density of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Federal districts of Russia as US states with similar population
1914 Argentine census: Percentage of Italian-born immigrants by provinces and territories.
Argentine Population Density
European-born population in Argentina in 1914 .
Structure of the population of Argentina by province
Argentina divided into 24 areas of equal population (1.7M each)
Argentina divided into 4 regions. Each region indicates where 1/4 of the population lives. (Census 2010)
Distribution of foreign-born population in Argentina (2010).
Area and population density between Argentina and European countries (1979)
Non-Slavic/Germanic populations in Russian federal subjects (as a percentage of RFS's total population). Info in the Comments
Population Density of Russian Federal Subjects
Flag map of Russia's federal subjects and countries that have a comparable population density to them.
Percentage of able-bodied population in Russian federal subjects
Canada divided into four regions of equal populations (based on 2015 Federal ridings)
Argentine Provinces Based on Biggest Cities by Population (Metro Areas)
More than half of the population of Argentina lives in the Blue regions.
Distribution of the Chinese population in Argentina per province
Argentina provinces by population 2010
This heat map reflects the global diversity of ingredients in cuisine, with dark red being the most diverse. Countries with big immigrant populations like the U.S., Argentina, and Australia tend to have the greatest diversity.
Argentine Provinces Divided into Four Equal Population Areas
Argentine Provinces Divided into Three Equal Population Areas
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