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U.S. backed coups in Latin America: Costa Rica 1948, Guatemala 1954, Paraguay 1954, Brazil 1964, Peru 1968, Chile 1973, Uruguay 1973, Argentina 1976, El Salvador 1979, Nicaragua 1981, Panama 1989 (invaded), Venezuela: 2002...
Carta physica e política do Estado de Minas Gerais (1930)
Satellite image of the Brazil (down) - Argentina (up) border
Because of the deforestation in Brazil and Paraguay, you can notice the border to Argentina province's Missiones, without the border lines.
Watershed of the Rio de la Plata, covering Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay
Map by Sebastian Münster circa 1550 - the first printed map of the Americas shown completely separate to Asia. Zipangri is modern day Japan. Brazil is portrayed as land of the cannibals and Argentina as land of the giants.
Contrasting Argentina-Brazil border not far away from Iguazu falls
Top exports: Brazil and Argentina (96% of Mercosur trade bloc)
Exports and Imports of Brazil in 2019. As you can see China, USA and Argentina are the major trade partners of Brazil. Source: mdic.gov.br
Beagle Channel Nautical Chart - Argentina (Becasses Islands to Lapataia Bay) circa 1991? / Carta Nautica Canal de Beagle - Argentina (Islas Becasses a Bahia Lapataia) circa 1991?
Gran Colombia 1820, guerras de independencia 1821-23
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1806-14
1771 Bonne Map of Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil - Geographicus - Paraguay-bonne-1771
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Southern Brazil, Northern Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay - Geographicus - Bresil-bonne-1780
1862 Johnson Map of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina - Geographicus - Brazil-johnson-1862
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1815-16-17
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1818-19
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1819-20
Map of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay; Harbor of Rio Janeiro (inset); Harbor of Bahia (inset); Map of Chili; Island of Juan Fernandez (inset). NYPL1510826
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