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1935 Travelers' map of Japan : including Chosen (Korea) and Taiwan (Formosa)
Vatican into Monaco into Liechtenstein into Barbados into Luxembourg into Albania into Sri Lanka into Uruguay
French Map of Formosa (Taiwan) 1856
Map by Sebastian Münster circa 1550 - the first printed map of the Americas shown completely separate to Asia. Zipangri is modern day Japan. Brazil is portrayed as land of the cannibals and Argentina as land of the giants.
Japan with inset map Formosa and Riu-Kiu Islands from A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia, by J.G. Bartholomew. J.M. Dent and Sons, Ltd. 1912
Indochina map with 2 Vietnam (year 1974 - Atlas - Ed Codex - Buenos Aires - Argentina) - Mapa de Indochina con Vietnam separado.
Taiwan (Formosa) - 1905
Comparing Russia's largest region, Sakha, to India and Argentina
Exports and Imports of Brazil in 2019. As you can see China, USA and Argentina are the major trade partners of Brazil. Source: mdic.gov.br
Danish map of Taiwan (Formosa) from 1751
You can also sail in a straight line from Bangladesh to Argentina
Number of heads of federal subjects of Russian Federation since 1991
1771 Bonne Map of Tonkin (Vietnam) China, Formosa (Taiwan) and Luzon (Philippines) - Geographicus - Formosa-bonne-1771
1770 Bonne Map of China, Korea, Japan and Formosa - Geographicus - China-bonne-1770
What if Turkey Had Federal Eyalet System
Map India and Pakistan 1-250,000 Tile NG 44-10 Banda
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14777735941)
1863 "Cassell's Dispatch Atlas" Map of Taiwan - Formosa ^ the Hainan Coast of China - Geographicus - CoastofChina-dispatch-1863
1815 Thomson Map of China and Formosa (Taiwan) - Geographicus - China-t-15
1680 Map of Formosa (Taiwan), Philippines, and other South East Asia Countries by Dutch 荷蘭人所繪福爾摩沙-臺灣, 菲律賓, 與東南亞
1876 Imray Blue-back Nautical Chart or Map of Taiwan (Formosa), China - Geographicus - Taiwan-imray-1876
1609 Map of Formosa (Taiwan) and Surrounding Countries by Portuguese
1818 Pinkerton Map of China (with Taiwan or Formosa) - Geographicus - China-pinkerton-1818
Mapa de Filippinas Formosa y costa de China para el Galeon de Manila
1935年臺灣鳥瞰圖 Aerial View Map of TAIWAN-FORMOSA
1943 Japanese World War II Aviation Map of Taiwan or Formosa - Geographicus - Taiwan-japan-1943
1910 Atlas of the Sino-Japanese War (25 rare folding maps) - Geographicus - SinoJapanese-japan-1910
1937年臺灣與南洋經濟地圖 Map of TAIWAN-FORMOSA and South East Asia
(Fictional) Federal Republic of Turkey
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