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Justly Watson - A map of the Scottish settlement in Caledonia Bay (1743)
Countryside around Carlisle - 1746
Plan of Grays Wharf... (2675373362)
Map and images of the peregrination of Saint Paul by Abraham Ortelius
History of the great fire in Saint John, June 20 and 21, 1877 (1877) (14798298683)
Map bounded by Pier - Line 1-15, Liberty St, Washington Street, Battery Place; Including West Street, Morris St, Rector St, Carlisle St, Albany St, Cedar St) NYPL1648017
Map bounded by Pier - Line 1-24, Vesey Street, Broadway, Battery Place; Including West Street, Washington Street, Greenwich Street, Morris Street, Rector Street, Carlisle Street, Albany NYPL1648010
Cooksburgh (Village); Cooksburgh Business Directory; Potters Hollow Business Directory; Rensselaerville (Village); Rensselaerville Business Directory; Preston Hollow (Village); Preston Hollow Business NYPL1582622
Map of The Historic Counties of England in the style of the Cross of Saint George (The English Flag)
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