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The iceberg that split from Antarctic in July 2017 compared to London, Hawaii and Cyprus
1912 German Map of Antarctica
Antarctic-centric world view
Antarctica is an archipelago under all of the ice.
TIL Melbourne is closer to Antarctica than it is to Darwin
Antarctica without ice
Felix Delamarche's 1859 case map covering the known world, from the Arctic Icecap to the just discovered Terres Australes (Antarctica
Cape Horn, with a view of Tierra Del Fuego, South America and Antarctica
Permanent research stations in Antarctica
Map of time zones in Antarctica
map of Antarctica if all the earth's ice melts and raises sea levels (based on National Geographic image projections; legend: triangles are representations of mountain ranges)
Mercator with infinite Antarctica: The South Pole is so stretched that you can see individual snowflakes.
Antarctica: Exploration and Claims As Of 1 February 1956
Antarctica divided into regions depending on which country (or dependency) is closest to any given location (corrected version)
A Map of Antarctica, if it were located in the North Pacific instead of at the South Pole.
Antarctica's size compared to North America
Antarctica, The Confusing Continent (Author Unknown)
Deception island is considered one of the safest harbors in the antarctic, but true to its name, there is more than meets the eye to the island, as its also the caldera of an active volcano which has erupted no less than three times during the last century.
Antarctic Research Stations and Territorial Claims.
The continent of Antarctica
Antarctica with the ice removed (Source: New York Times)
Claims to Antarctica if the "Frontage Theory" was universally applied
Antarctica, divided correspondingly between countries with the most researchers.
Nazi Germany claim area New Swabia highlighted on Antarctica map
The "Inexplicable Map" of Piri Reis, 1513. The map shows the western coasts of North Africa, the coast of Brazil and (very oddly) an ice-free Antarctica, long before Antartica was officially discovered.
Traveling South-Southwest from Hawaii toward Antarctica, there's a perfectly straight path which crosses the International Date Line seven times, going today-tomorrow-today-tomorrow-today-tomorrow-today-tomorrow.
The Southern Pole, Showing An Outline of Antarctica, New Zealand, Van Diemen's Land, and New Holland (1666)
Antarctica-centric Map of the World
Antarctica's very odd timezones
ICAO codes of airports in Antarctica
Bases in Antarctica
Time zones in Antarctica
Antarctica, the confusing continent
German Antarctica Map, 1912
Lakes and Rivers of Antarctica
The world if antarctic territorial claims extended to the north pole
Antarctica without ice sometime in the deeper future
Nearest settlements of more than 1,000 inhabitants to Antarctica
Antarctica but its the melbourne terrain texture
Claimed parts of Antarctica
Antarctica drawn up by roads. /s
Timezones in Antarctica
Countries and territories by population density (compared to world's average, excl. Antarctica)
1906 Antarctica Map published by Justus Perthes in Germany
Antarctica overlaid onto Africa
Topographic map of Ross Island, Antarctica
Size of Antarctica to the continental United States
Antarctica the confusing continent
The True Size of Antarctica
Since people have been asking, here's a Butterfly Projection with Antarctica clearly included!
Antarctica And The Southern Ocean Map
Map of Antarctic without ice sheet (by P.V. Heinrich)
Antarctica without large scale ice, or what Antarctica many have looked like 35 million years ago
Antarctica: A New Age of Exploration
Antarctica divided into regions depending on which country (or dependency) is closest to any given location
The continental United States compared in size to Antarctica.
Flat Earth “Hidden Lands” Map which shows what the world may look like beyond the so-called “ice wall” of Antarctica
Antarctica's warm underbelly revealed
The routes of Sir Ernest Shackleton's doomed Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, where his goal was to walk across the entire continent. Key in comments.
Surface temperature of Antarctica in winter and summer
Antarctica ice elevation (full-res in comments)
World map of middle 1500's (undiscovered Antarctica)
Map of Antarctica, American Geographical Society 1956
A Relief Map of Antarctica and the Seafloor Around It
Europe island, one of the five Scattered Islands and part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Map of Shackleton and the Endurance's Journey to Antarctica
A map of the world from the 1915 Atlas of Canada showing colonial possessions, major maritime routes, and the incompletely-mapped Arctic and Antarctic.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Relief Map of Antarctica
Ross Island, Antarctica
Australia, Antarctica and British Isles size comparison
The true size of Antarctica
Antarctic bases during the International Geophysical Year
Antarctic Regions 1932
When the arctic sea ice melts it will be just barely possible to swim in a straight line from mainland Norway to Antarctica
Antarctic Treaty signatories, 1984
Antarctica Elevation Model (REMA; 2-8 meter res)
Antarctica Without Ice
Antarctic Ocean, 1890
Map - which side of the road countries drive. Red - right. Blue -left. Never knew Antarctica had right hand traffic!
Map of the Antarctic expedition of Jean-Baptiste Bouvet de Lozier, during which he discovered Bouvet Island in 1739
Standard Time Zones in Antarctica
Funny map of Antarctica
Antarctica map
Grayscale map of Antarctica's Bedrock
Discovery and Exploration in Antarctica : Palmer Peninsula
Livingston Island, part of South Shetland Islands, Antarctica 2010
Antarctica compared to Europe and the United States
New NASA/UC Irvine map of ice velocity in Antarctica is 10 times more accurate than any previous map and shows flows over 80% of the continent, where older maps showed about 20%. Colored lines indicate direction of flow; background colors show speed
Expeditions in Antarctica before 1897
A map of more than 3600 penguin colonies in Antarctica coloured by penguin species
Antarctica 1912 edit
Argentine Antarctica bases map
Buache Antarctic
Antarctica as the Duck of Atlantis
A 1984 map of the Antarctic Treaty signatories produced by the US Government that uses a rather interesting projection of the world.
C85135s1 Ant.Map Leverett Glacier
A map of Antarctica.
Excruciatingly detailed map of Antarctica
Authorized Map of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition
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