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Disgusting Border Gore: The Fergana Valley Region. Uzbekistan owns the valley. Kyrgyzstan owns the mountains surrounding the valley. Tajikistan owns the entrance to the valley. Random splotches of enclaves/exclaves everywhere.
Castles in the valley of Loire ~ France
Map of Independent Businesses in London's East End by Adam Dant and Herb Lester
Land of Symbion, from the 1985 book, Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion: Secret in the Valley of Meander. (Sorry for the time stamp).
Map of Part of the Valley of Red River North of the 49th Parallel (1858)
Annual report (1920) (14798922073)
Map exhibiting the Farmington and Hampshire and Hampden canals - together wth the line of their proposed continuation through the valley of the Connecticut River to Canada - engraved and NYPL1692566
Castle Rock or Point of Rocks, Bennington Vt; View on the Susquehanna; Descent into the Valley of Wyoming Pa; View from GlenMary Lawn on the Owego. NYPL1583039
The Dutch islands of St. Eustatia, Saba, and St. Martins ; the French island of St. Bartholomew ; the English islands of St. Christophers, Nevis, and Anguilla ; with the smaller islands and keys adjoining (4587170730)
The Windward passage from Jamaica, betwene the east end of Cuba, and the west end of Hispaniola (8429866445)
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