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Deforestation differences between Belize and Guatemala create a straight line along their border visible from space
Belize City on Google Maps vs. Apple Maps
1665 Map of Luanda by the Dutch Cartographer Johannes Vingboons
Languages of Angola
Angola Ethnic map 1970
Angola tribes 1970
Santa Cruz River (textile) by Alexandra Kehayoglou
Republic of Angola
Belize (HDI) 2018 - By Districts
Map of Orange Walk District, Belize, in a ColourLovers' Palette style
Greenland and Zaire
Southern Angola circa 1932
Degrees of separation from Angola (incl. outlying territories)
WASACE submarine cable route map
2006Congo(Zaire) exports
1868 Dispatch - Weller Map of South Central Africa ( Angola, Botswana, Tanzania, etc. ) - Geographicus - CentralAfrica-dispatch-1868
Res. of David C. Oatman, Angola, N.Y., County Clerk of Erie Co.; Res. of James J. Ayer, Evans Centre, Erie Co., N.Y.; Residence of Mrs. John Bedford, West Seneca.; David C. Oatman, Angola, NYPL1584577
Residence of J. W. White, Town of East Hamburg; Stores of J. Brown, East Hamburg, N.Y.; Res. of Charles W. Pike, Angola, N.Y.; Res. of Kinney North evans, Erie Co., N.Y.; Work Shop of Jno. NYPL1584570
PARK(1800) p359 Karte mit Mungo Parks Reiseroute in Westafrika vom Gambia Fluss zum Niger Fluss
Congo. Angola. Cafres. Monoemugi. Monomotapa. Zanguebar and Madagascar. NYPL1505151
AMH-7593-NA Map of Gabon and Angola
Africa Ortelius Nil Zambesi Zaire
Map of Santa Cruz do Sul, 1922
Angola Ethnic map 1970 mk
Angola Ethnic map 1970-ar
Angola Ethnic map 1970-de
Angola Ethnic map 1970-eo
Angola Ethnic map 1970-pt
Forests (green) and other woodlands (red) of Belize
Belize HDI (2018) - By Districts
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