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The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
The Greek Kingdom and the Greek diaspora in the Balkans and western Asia Minor, according to a 1919 Greek map submitted to the Paris Peace Conference
Asia Minor under the Greeks and Romans
Map illustrating the partitioning of Anatolia according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) after WWI
The Greek occupation zone of Smyrna according to the treaty of Serves 1920, on top of a map depicting Greek population in western Anatolia prior to WW1
Map bounded by Bulkhead and Pier Line 57, 10th Ave, Washington St, Perry St; Including 13th Avenue, West Street, Hammond St, Bank St, Bethune St, Troy St, Jane St, Horatio St, Gansevoort St) NYPL1648022
Turquie d'Asie. 1791 (G)
Asia in the Form of Pegasus from 1581
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