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Ethnic map of Asia Minor, 1910
1500 map of Europe and Anatolia where Jewish people were allowed.
A vision of Troy according to ancient sources
Hattusa : capital of the Hittite Empire between 1420 BC and 1200 BC. Hattusa now lies in ruins beside Boğazkale, Turkey
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
Robur tea war map, Turkish Empire ; Robur war map, Gallipoli and the Dardanelles : bird's eye view (1915). Shows British and Allied landings on 25 April 1915 and later; the range of 12 and 15 inch naval guns depicted
Anatolia and the surrounding region at night
Nine periods of Troy in the settlement-hill of Hisarlık
A detailed map of the Peloponnesian War in the 5th century BC, when Athens and its allies were defeated by the Spartan-led Peloponnesian League
The Byzantine Empire used a system of beacons (an optical telegraph) to transmit messages across Asia Minor to Constantinople. The main line of beacons stretched over some 450 miles (720 km). A message could be transmitted the entire length of the line within an hour. #Seshat
1715 De L'Isle Map of the Eastern Roman Empire under Constantine (Asia Minor, Black Sea, Balkans)
Map of the southern Balkans and western Anatolia in 1410
Traditional Map of Anatolia/Asia Minor with its Historical Regions.
Hittite Empire and its vassals
Hittite Empire around 1350 BCE, its greatest extent
Balkans and Western Anatolia A.D. 1300
Anatolia circa 1330
Map of the Hittite Empire and it's dependencies c. 1250 BC
The Balkans and Anatolia in 1355 AD
Genetic similarity of a Bronze Age Anatolian to European peoples
ANZAC : topographic map of the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, showing ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) and Turkish posts, trenches, tracks and roads, and approximate landing places (1916). Some names include: Shrapnel Valley ; Valley of Despair ; The Bloody Angle
Asia Minor, Syria & Mesopotamia (1922) (The Times Atlas & Gazetteer of the World)
Map of the Armenian Genocide network in Eastern Anatolia, where over 1.5 million Armenians were killed and removed from their ancestral homeland in the years 1915-1923.
Asia Minor in the Greco-Roman period - general map - regions and main settlements
"Map to illustrate the agreements of 1916 in regard to Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, &c.", such as the Sykes–Picot Agreement to divide the Middle Eastern part of the Ottoman Empire among the European powers after WWI.
Asia Minor, Levant & Caucasus
Western Anatolian towns that were burnt down in 1919 - 22.
All Byzantine Greek cities razed or sacked during the Turkish invasions of Anatolia
Asia minor 1140
Anatolia, 14th century
Map of Ancient Greece and Asia Minor
Religion in five Ottoman provinces in Anatolia according to the 1520s Ottoman hearth census: 92% Muslim, 7.9% Christian
Upper Mesopotamia and Anatolia Languages (1700 BC)
Dialects of Turkish in Anatolia
Balkan States and Anatolian Beyliks - 1328
Map of Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey showing the dispositions of the Australian forces on 7 August 1915, the day of the attack on The Nek by the 8th and 10th Australian Light Horse Regiments
Graphic map of the Gallipoli campaign, drawn by G.F. Morrell in 1915
Medieval commerce map of Europe, North Africa and Anatolia
The Greek Kingdom and the Greek diaspora in the Balkans and western Asia Minor, according to a 1919 Greek map submitted to the Paris Peace Conference
Unreliability of Wikipedia shown by a forged ethnic map of Asia Minor
Pre Hellenic Languages of Asia Minor, 1700 BC
Anatolia, 1453; on the eve of Siege of Constantinople.
The Hittite Empire 1250 BC
1919 Japanese map of Greece, the Balkans and western Asia Minor
Map of Anatolia Over Time
Location of Isauria-Asia Minor Map, Classical Atlas, 1886, Keith Johnston
Armenian Population in Eastern Anatolia, 1896
Location of American Missionary Schools in Anatolia in 19th century
Geologically Turkey is the only country in the world residing on four diffferent tectonic plates at the same time: Eurasian, Anatolian, Arabian and the African.
Anatolia in the 1330s
W. & A.K. Johnston. Asia Minor. 1911
Villages and town burned down by invading Greeks in Yalova during Greek invasion of Asia Minor in 1920
Asia Minor in the Greco Roman Period
Muslim Georgian (Mostly), Exile and Migration to Northern Anatolia (Showed as provinces) After 1828-1879 & 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian Wars. Note: The map has not any political purposes
Moll, Herman. Turkey in Asia; or Asia Minor &c. 1736
Asia minor-Shepherd 1923 Syria
Asia minor-Shepherd 1923
Asia Minor under the Greeks and Romans
Map illustrating the partitioning of Anatolia according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) after WWI
Travels of Aeneas from Troy to Latium
Languages in Anatolia before the Greek invasion and occupation of Anatolia
Distribution of Alevi population in Turkey. Red = Anatolian Alevis (Turks, Kurmanjis and Zazas). Dark red = Alawites (Arabs) in Southern Turkey.
1794 Anville Map of Asia Minor in Antiquity (Turkey,Cyprus, Syria) - Geographicus - AsiaMinor-anville-1794
Rand, McNally & Co.'s new 14 x 21 map of Turkey in Asia, Asia Minor. Copyright 1895, showing Palestine and Lebanon
Smyrne Vilayet (1894) - Today's Izmir
Moll, Herman. Turkey in Asia; or Asia Minor &c. 1736 (D)
Moll, Herman. Turkey in Asia; or Asia Minor &c. 1736 (K)
Gray's New Map of the Countries Surrounding the Black Sea Comprising European Turkey, Southern Russia, Asia Minor, Etc. (inset) The Bosphorus and Vicinity. Copyright, 1877, by O.W. Gray & Son
Stanford, Edward. Asia Minor, Caucasus, Black Sea. 1901 (Z)
Asia Minor Map, Classical Atlas, 1886, Keith Johnston
1907 map of Asia Minor-Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography by Samuel Butler
W. & A.K. Johnston. Asia Minor. 1911 A
W. & A.K. Johnston. Asia Minor. 1911 DB
Turkic Genetic Impact on Anatolia and Thrace
The Greek occupation zone of Smyrna according to the treaty of Serves 1920, on top of a map depicting Greek population in western Anatolia prior to WW1
Hittite Empire 1250 BC
Anatolian peninsula with ancient toponyms and the Middle East
717 byzantium (no asia minor)
The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa 1752
"Gallipoli" (22250757716)
Greece with part of Anatolia = La Graecia con parte della Natolia (8342747975)
Bowen, Emanuel. Anatolia, Syria. 1747 (D)
Greece and West Anatolia, 1580 (Ruscelli)
Bowen, Emanuel. Anatolia, Syria. 1747. (A)
Bowen, Emanuel. Anatolia, Syria. 1747. (B)
Vol. 1. Plate, J. (Map bound by Decatur St., Patchen Ave., Buffalo Ave., Pacific Ave., Dean St., Troy Ave., Yates Ave; Including Bainbridge St., Chauncey, Marion St., Sumpter St., Fulton St., NYPL1627468
City Atlas of Troy, New York. (1) NYPL1584728
Bowen, Emanuel. Anatolia, Syria. 1747. (C)
City Atlas of Troy, New York. (2) NYPL1584729
Bowen, Emanuel. Anatolia, Syria. 1747
Index Map City of Troy, N.Y. NYPL1584731
Map bounded by Bulkhead and Pier Line 57, 10th Ave, Washington St, Perry St; Including 13th Avenue, West Street, Hammond St, Bank St, Bethune St, Troy St, Jane St, Horatio St, Gansevoort St) NYPL1648022
Turquie d'Asie. 1791 (G)
City of Troy (cont.) NYPL1584718
City of Troy (cont.) NYPL1584719
City of Troy (cont.); St. Pauls Church; St. Johns Church; Troy Iron and Nail Factory NYPL1584725
City of Troy (cont.); St. Peters Church.; North Second St. M.E. Church NYPL1584722
City of Troy (cont.); Starbuck Brothers Foundery and Machine Shop.; Taylor Seymour and Co. Chair Manufactory NYPL1584726
City of Troy NYPL1584717
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