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Counties with more than 25% African American on population (2016)
Counties with more than 20% African American on population (2016)
African American on population by Congressional District (2016)
African American Population by Census Tract in Chicago, Illinois (2011)
Counties where African Americans make up >0.01% of the Population
Map showing the African American population distribution in the United States (1900)
The African-American Great Migration shown through changes in African-Americans share of population in major US cities, 1910–1940 and 1940–1970 .
African American population in the Deep Southern States (SC, GA, AL, MS, LA)
Population density of Africa with US equivalents
African-American population share of US states and territories in 1880
Percentage of African American population in U.S. states - 1910 to 1970
Population density map of African-Americans .
Percent of African Americans by state (Source: US Census Bureau)
Population comparisons: African countries vs the United States
US / African Population Comparison
European countries with population larger than African Americans
A hexmap of the U.S. showing the states where people of African American, Irish, Italian, German and Mexican ancestry are most concentrated, as reported to the U.S. Census Bureau in the 2017 American Community Survey. Play with tool and read the documentation.
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