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Southern Africa military map from 1900, showing British, Dutch and Portuguese territories ; as well as the Boer Republics - the South African Republic and the Orange Free State
Tourist Map of South Africa (1937)
9 Ways to Divide South Africa
Tactile topographic map of Table Mountain, Cape Town (South Africa)
Where the majority of South Africa's minorities live
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Mozambique
You can fit all of Lesotho in South Africa and still be able to drive around it
8 Ways to Divide South Africa
Majority home languages spoken in South Africa
TIL Lesotho can fit inside South Africa with room to drive around!
How South Africa would look if the provinces matched up exactly to the languages
River basin network of South Africa
The oddly satisfying alignment of the southern tips of Uruguay, South Africa and Western Australia
Guillaume Delisle North West Africa 1707
Map of South Africa overlaid atop the contiguous U.S.
Linguistic diversity in South Africa
Diffusion of Afrikaans in South Africa districts
Currency Unions of Africa: CFA Francs and the South African Rand
South Africa Linguistic Distribution of White People - updated and redesigned
Racial views on intelligence in South Africa by province, 2016
Areas of South Africa where Afrikaans is mainly spoken
The Rivers Of South Africa
South Africa's four main ethnic groups as a proportion of the population (2011)
South Africa terrain and land cover
Whites-only settlements of South Africa (active and inactive)
Population density in South Africa aggregated to hexagonal cells
South Africa racial map, 1979
South African Bantustans under apartheid.
River Basins of South Africa in Rainbow Colours
TIL Buenos Aires, Argentina is farther south than Cape Town, South Africa
Change of HDI in South Africa from 1995 to 2000
Republic of South Africa and Bantustans 1989
Light Pollution Map of South Africa
Union of South Africa (1944?) 1536 x 1038
Bantustans - Republic of South Africa and South-West Africa, 1973
Map of 10 Bantustans (homeland for black African people) that existed in South Africa until the end of apartheid in 1994
Map of South Africa's population drawn with one dot per resident
Language of instruction for South African universities
Areas of South Africa where Zulu is mostly spoken
Distribution of Primary English Speakers in South Africa
Linguistic origin of South African municipalities and their seats
Air routes to South Africa and Australia by Imperial Airways, 1936
White Population of South Africa
South African provinces compared to countries with a similar nominal GDP
Rivers of South Africa
The Railway Map of South Africa (1912)
Dominant ethnic groups per area in South Africa legend in comments
"Cape Town to Cairo" Division of Africa Proposed by the British (1898)
Diplomatic relations of South Africa
Climate zones of South Africa
Racial self-identification in Cape Town, South Africa (2011)
Dutch Map of 1596 of the South West Coast of Africa.
1979 Racial Demographics of South Africa published by the CIA
Do you know how the World map looks for South Africa?
This photo of Durban, South Africa was taken in 1973. In the distance, you can see the Drakensberg mountains, which are about 160km (100mi) away. Felt like it belonged here.
Satellite map of South Africa
Flag Map of South Africa + Bantustans (~1990)
Median adult monthly income in South Africa (from 2011 census); also showing the boundaries of the former homelands
Independence movements in South Africa
Old-school 3D map of South Africa
2019 South African general election: leading party by voting district
1835 Arabic map showing Kenya on the west coast of Africa
Electrification in South Africa over 20 years
Map of land cover of South Africa
Population Denisty of South Africa, legend in comments
Union of south Africa
South African Flag But Every Colour Has The Same Population
Density of English Speakers in South Africa
population density of Coloureds in South Africa
2014 South African Elections and Racism
Map of South Africa showing British Possessions, July 1885
South Africa 1893
Racial Map of South Africa, 1911
A Route Map of the Gautrain. A commuter rail service in the most populous Gautang province of South Africa.
South Africa Linguistic Distribution of White People (2001)
Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, 1787 (now South Africa)
Airbnb Listings in the City of Cape Town, South Africa (18 April 2019)
South Africa
A map of Witwatersrand goldfield, South Africa, showing properties of the Rand Mines Limited in 1895.
Topographic map of Franschhoek (South Africa) with a 3D model applied to produce hillshading
The Railway Map of South Africa (1904)
You can see the Lesotho- South African border from satellite images
Land ownership in the Overstrand Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa
Partition of South Africa (alternative solution to apartheid) into 2 states: Cape Republic (with Durban and Pretoria/Johannesburg exclaves) and South Africa
Population of Coloureds in South Africa
Water catchments of South Africa
Map of Bophuthatswana. One of four Bantustans that were declared independent in 1977, but only recognized as such by South Africa.
Change in population density, South Africa, 1996–2016
South Africa, 1885 from Cram's Unrivaled Family Atlas of the World
A map of white people in south africa 1910
Borders of Ex Bantustans overlaid on top of the 2001 Population density map of South Africa
Electrification in South Africa
Spanish possessions on the west coast of Africa (1900)
1750 Bellin Map of Cape Town, South Africa - Geographicus - Gundriss-bellin-1750
'The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa' by Jules Férat 39
WASACE submarine cable route map
Byneskranskop map, Annals of the South African Museum (18229890299)
It's possible to sail in a straight line from South Africa to Nigeria
Map of Provinces where each South African presidents were born
Bird's Eye View of South Africa
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