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Political map of Africa from 1850, largely uncolonised, showing the Mountains of the Moon and a lot of blank space.
Political Map of Africa, 1894: scramble for Africa underway but much of the continent's still not colonized, with several 'negro states' still existing. From a German atlas (Debes' Schul-Atlas) I bought recently
Africa : political map, April 1960. For comparison, maps of Africa: August 1960 ; June 1961 ; May 1963 ; and 1965 are in the comments
Political map of Somalia
African-Americans Currently in Congress
Changes in political regimes in Africa
African political regimes in 1985 and 2015
Ruling Political Parties of Africa
Current political situation in Libya - March 2018
1944 political & ethnic map of Africa
Africa, its political development
Political situation in Somalia in July 2017
2019 South African general election: leading party by voting district
Political Map of North Africa and the Sahel.
2014 South African Elections and Racism
Political situation in Somalia following the Ethiopian withdrawal
Simplified political map of Mali
2019 Nigerian Presidential Election Results. (Courtesy Pulse Nigeria)
Salagagebiet1897 003
1855 Spruner Map of the Americas up to 1776
NIE 1905 Africa - political map
Somalia Tammikuu 1 2008
U.S.DOC(1965) Liberia. Political map
Political Situation of Somalia on August 4, 2012
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