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Carta Marina / drawn by Martin Waldseemüller in 1516. This is a remix of both fantastical and official testimony of the world. King Manuel of Portugal is riding a sea monster close to the southern coast of Africa, a symbol of the Portuguese control over the marine route between Africa and India
Arnold Florent van Langren - Map of the Southwestern Indian Ocean showing part of Africa and Madagascar (1596)
Island of Rodrigues (now part of Mauritius) in the Indian Ocean; Notice some Rodrigues solitaires - extinct birds that lived only there. 1708.
India's Total Population Compared to Europe, Africa, and Asia
Old World (Europe, Africa, Middle East and India) 769AD
The Map of India, Arabia, the Horn of Africa the and Indian Ocean by Pedro and Jorge Reinel of the Miller Atlas, a Portuguese illustrated atlas dated from 1519.
Africa is bigger than you think - It dwarfs China, Europe, the United States and India (source: McKinsey)
Sirenia (sea cows) distribution: West Indian in green, Amazonian in red, African in orange, Dugong in blue, Steller's sea cow circled (yellow)
Aldabra islands seychelles 76
1658 Jansson Map of the Indian Ocean (Erythrean Sea in Antiquity)
Moheli (Comoros) map
Zanzibar (tanzania)
Anjouan (Comoros) map
Demographics map of Melbourne of people who are of Middle East, Indian and African ancestry.
Wallace Island Life p425
East Africa and the Indian Ocean 1596, Arnold Florent van Langren (4249793-recto)
Comoros country map 1976, CIA
Grand Comore (Comoros) map
country poorer than India, Vietnam or Nigeria seeks to become a member of EU
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography