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Found an old atlas at my grandaunts home: Every country of Africa is colonized, except Ethiopia. orange=German, red=English, brown=French, dark green=Italian, Green=Italian,... Andrees Handatlas 1914.
Africa 1899 (published 1906)
Africa at the start of the First World War (1914)
Egypt, 1905
Africa 1910
1957 National Geographic Map of Africa
European colonies in Africa in 1913. Lines reflect current borders
National Geographic Magazine Map of Africa (1909)
Tourist Map of South Africa (1937)
African Battlegrounds (1942)
1918 Map of Africa
Central Africa - Congo Free State and its neighbors (1905)
Map of French colonies: French Equatorial Africa circa 1920 (X-post geographie)
Japanese World War II Pictorial Map of Europe, Asia and northern Africa (1942)
Africa and Adjoining Portions of Europe and Asia 1922
Africa - (to accompany) Atlas Of Global Geography (1944)
Africa at the start of the World War I (1914)
Germany’s plans for Africa in 1917
Africa in Maps (1941)
Population density of Burundi 1990
Ethnolinguistic groups of Africa, 1970
Africa : political map, April 1960. For comparison, maps of Africa: August 1960 ; June 1961 ; May 1963 ; and 1965 are in the comments
1915 Map of Europe with Portions of Asia and Africa
A map I made of a world where Germany won WW1. The map is in 1925. Italy and Ethiopia also joined on the Central Powers' side.
Africa : changes of foreign occupation from ca. 1895 to ca. 1914
Europeans in Africa in 1960 vs. today
Isochronic Distances from London in 1914. Note Africa, Saudi and Greenland!
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - from Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912
The Times map of the tribes, peoples, & nations of modern Africa (1972)
GDP per capita in Africa vs. China (1980 & 2016)
Changes in Life expectancy of African countries 1990 to 2015
Africa from the opening titles of “Casablanca” which was released in 1942
Africa in 1880 and Africa in 1913
Destinations of cities for African-Americans during the Great Migration (1915-1970)
African political regimes in 1985 and 2015
Expansion of French control of Algeria, 1830-1956
The Winds of Change in Southern Africa: 1900, 1970, and 2010
After several days' work, it's finally done. Africa in 1914, 2.0!
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
1909 National Geographic Map of Africa
The Peoples of Africa (1972) - National Geographic
Map of Africa’s language families from 1959
Change in fertility rate in Africa 1990-2015
Africa and the Middle East at the Peak of European Colonialism (1930) (Ollie Bye)
Gabon - Ethnic Groups (1968)
Expansion of Italian Libya -- Dark green: territories ceded by the Ottoman Empire in 1912 ; light green: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1919 and 1926 ; red: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1934-35
African population density map for 1960 .
Biggest African Importers of European Goods in 2000
South Africa racial map, 1979
I found this map in the local used book store: German map of Africa from 1937. It is rough shape, but I would love to have it mounted to hang on my wall - Album incomments
Land Cover Map of Africa (2000)
1944 political & ethnic map of Africa
Colonial Africa 1913 map
Change of HDI in South Africa from 1995 to 2000
Croplands of Africa (2000)
Map of Italian East Africa (Africa Orientale Italiana), 1936
Detailed Map of Africa on the Even of WW1 in 1914
Republic of South Africa and Bantustans 1989
Africa threatened, 1990
Union of South Africa (1944?) 1536 x 1038
Bantustans - Republic of South Africa and South-West Africa, 1973
Map of African colonies in 1914
U.S. War Department's Battles and Campaigns - WWII European and African Theater (1945)
Africa on January 10, 1966
Politic Map of Africa in 1880 and 1913
Horn of Africa in 1915
Map of 10 Bantustans (homeland for black African people) that existed in South Africa until the end of apartheid in 1994
The African-American Great Migration shown through changes in African-Americans share of population in major US cities, 1910–1940 and 1940–1970 .
Democratic republic of Georgia(1918-1921) within the borders that was ratified by the league of nations.
Relief map of East Africa back in 1962. 90% of people live higher than 1000m asl. Highest somewhat populated town today is Timboroa, Kenya with 40,000 people living at 3,001 metres asl
Colonial Presence in Africa in 1914
Horn of Africa during 1915
From dainty dik-diks to six-ton elephants, African animals come in shapes and sizes unsurpassed on any other continent. (1972)
Belgian Congo (1949)
1951 population density map of the Belgian Congo and Belgian Ruanda-Urundi
Air routes to South Africa and Australia by Imperial Airways, 1936
Colonial Map of Africa in 1914
areas in africa where elevation is above 2000 meters
African countries visited by US presidents since 1993.
Africa by National Geographic (1935)
Population growth in Europe, the Near East and North Africa (2000-2010)
Road map of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) 1975
A map of Southern Africa before the Second Boer War (1899-1902)
Percentage of African American population in U.S. states - 1910 to 1970
Nigeria linguistic 1979
African countries visited by US presidents since 1993.
The Railway Map of South Africa (1912)
Map of Europe and adjoining portions of Africa and Asia (1915)
Maroc (Morocco) - 1950
Nigeria deforestation - 1975 to 2013
Factions during the Congo Crisis (1961)
World at War (WWII)
Franco-Spanish conquest of Morocco (1893–1932)
French Conquest of North Africa (1830-1938)
Reported Lynchings of African-Americans per County in the US, 1877-1950
Angola Ethnic map 1970
Prevalence of stunting in african children under five (2000–2015) and progress towards 2025; 5x5 km pixels. Simon I. Hay et. al. Nature volume 555, pages 41–47
1979 Racial Demographics of South Africa published by the CIA
This photo of Durban, South Africa was taken in 1973. In the distance, you can see the Drakensberg mountains, which are about 160km (100mi) away. Felt like it belonged here.
1950 of the Belgian Congo.
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