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In 1777, Morocco became the first country who publicly recognized the new United States
Morocco, Ottoman Empire, Qajars Empire, Mughal Empire in 1798.
Guillaume de L'Isle - Map of Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia (1733)
1747 Ratelband Map of Gibraltar
1794 Anville Map of Ancient Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-anville-1794
T K Empire of Morocco
Oran, Algeria (1764)
Egypt and Barca etc; Abissina and Nubia etc NYPL1505150
The west part of Barbary containing Fez, Marocco, Algiers and Tunis ; East part of Barbary containing Tripoli, Barca and the north part of Egypt (5375430213)
A new map of Libya or old Africk shewing its general divisions, most remarkable countries or people, cities, townes, rivers, mountains &c. (7557386894)
Map of Morocco and Iberia (1783)
1762 Bonne Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-bonne-1762
1780 Bonne Map of Arabia, Egypt ^ Ethiopia - Geographicus - Arabia-bonne-1780
Egypt. Herman Moll. The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa. 1752 (cropped)
1771 Bonne Map of Abyssinia (Ethiopia), Sudan and the Red Sea - Geographicus - Abissine-bonne-1771
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