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British Peoples in the 7th century
British Isles ca. 700 AD
Old World at 633 AD, a year after Muhammad's death.
Map of present-day Czechia in 623 AD, 843, 907, 1243, 1619, and 1938.
Neo-Assyrian Empire, at its peak in 7th Century BC
The Visigothic Empire of Spain in 700 AD, just prior to the Muslim invasion of 711
Bulgar migration map in the 7th century
British Isles ca. 700 AD
Byzantine-Muslim naval conflicts from its beginnings in the mid-7th century to ca. 1050
Byzantium: World Map of 610 AD, the transition of the Eastern Roman Empire from Latin to Greek under Heraclius
How Slavs and Muslims broke Byzantium in the 7th century
Map of Britain and Ireland in 620 AD
Western Turkic Khaganate in 630 AD
The Middle East at the Dawn of Islam 628 AD/CE
The Roman province Macedoniae/Μακεδονίας c. 125 CE. Governing prefectures and supraprovincial territory changed throughout various Roman capitals and administrations from 146 BCE - c. 7th century CE.
Countries/tribes mentioned in Orkhon inscriptions, 700 AD.
Hispania 700 AD
Hispania 700 AD
Early and Middle Woodland Trade Networks, Ontario (800 BC-AD 700)
Barbarian migrations in Europe 4th-7th century
Mesopotamia & nearby, 7th century B.C.
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