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The largest empire in history by percentage of world population - the Achaemenid Empire at its Territorial Peak under Darius The Great (522 BC to 486 BC)
Map of the world according to Anaximander (6th century BC)
Destruction of Jerusalem (587 BC), as imagined in the medieval Nuremberg Chronicle
World Map according to Anaximander (610-546 BC).
World map according to the Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Anaximander (610-546 BC)
Greek and Phoenician colonies - 550 BC
Map of Phoenician (in yellow) and Greek colonies around 8th to 6th century BC
West Asia, 6th century BC
Main Language Groups in Iron Age Italy, 6th century BC
Cultures and migration paths during the late Eurasian bronze age. (~900 to 600 BC)
The world according to hecatus About 520 BC
Important Rulers of the Near East in 550 BC Set Over Modern Borders
Achaemenid Empire 559 BC/BCE - 486 BC/BCE
Kingdom of Israel 1050-586 BC
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