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The World according to Eratosthenes, 220 BC
The Mediterranean, 218 BC
Europe - 270 BC
The ancient city of Petra at the height of its splendor, in the 2nd-3rd century AD; first built by the Nabataeans around 300 BC, it later became the capital of the Roman frontier province Arabia Petraea in 106 AD, flourishing for the next two centuries in the heart of the desert
Europe - 220 BC
The Roman Republic and Carthage in 218 BC just prior the Second Punic War
Detailed Map of Europe in 300 BC
Maurya Empire, 246 BC
Rome&Carthage - The Punic Wars (264-201 BC)
Rome & Carthage - The Punic Wars (264 - 201 BC)
Peoples of the Iberian Peninsula (300 BC)
Ptolemaic Egypt - 240 BC
Western Mediterranean 265 BC
Map of China during rule of Qin dynasty 221 BC–206 BC
The Mediterranean Sea in 218 BC
Ancient China - 255 BC
First Punic War Part II - 260-257 BC
The Diadochi 286 BC
First Punic War - 264-261 BC
Carthage 650-220 BC
Mercenary War - 240-238 BC
World at 250 B.C.
First Punic War Part III - 256-250 BC
First Punic War Part IV - 249-241 BC
Second Punic War Part II - 215-212 BC
The Diadochi 293 BC
The Diadochi 270 BC
Before the Second Punic War - 220 BC
Second Punic War Part IV - 207-201 BC
Europe - Mediterranean (Detailed) - 270 BC
Iberia before Carthaginian conquests c. 300 BC
The Diadochi 240 BC
The Diadochi 283 BC
After the First Punic War - 237 BC
Second Punic War Part III - 211-208 BC
Western Mediterranean 265 BC
Map of Europe, 210 BC
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