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This incredibly detailed map of Rome in 211 AD
The ancient city of Petra at the height of its splendor, in the 2nd-3rd century AD; first built by the Nabataeans around 300 BC, it later became the capital of the Roman frontier province Arabia Petraea in 106 AD, flourishing for the next two centuries in the heart of the desert
Europe - 270 AD
Map of China's Three Kingdoms 190-280 AD
211 AD Roman Empire on the World According to Eratosthenes
Map of the British Isles circa 300 AD
Roman Empire During the Crisis of the Third Century ~271 AD
The Roman Empire close to collapse, during the Crisis of the 3rd Century. Lasting from 235-284 AD, there were around 27 claims to the throne. While barbarians raided the empire, the eastern and western provinces split from Rome forming the Palmyrene and Gallic Empire’s respectively.
Roman conquests into North Africa under Emperor Septimius Severus in 203 AD
Japan during the Kofun period, c. AD 250-538
Religious movements and establishments in ancient Ind*a (6th-3rd century B.C.)
Map of airports in Europe in 213 AD
The Netherlands, 300 AD by Marco Schuffelen
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