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Found a book of January-June 1923 National Geographics in a coffee shop. Here’s The Great Wall of China in relation to the US.
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions in North America and East Asia from 1997 to 2011
1972 Map of Japan - In commemoration of the return by the United States to Japan of administrative rights over the Ryūkyū Islands
GDP per capita (PPP) in Asia relative to the USA: 1990 vs. 2017
World at War (WWII)
Map of Manila (1920) when Philippines was part of the USA
Beijing ca. 1914. Still largely the old Imperial-period city during the early years of the Republic of China (US Library of Congress copy)
Cold War alliances mid-1975
Disposition of US, Allied, and Opposing Forces in South Vietnam, January 1st, 1968
1958 - TWA - Trans World Airlines routes - USA, Europe, Africa and Asia
India Bangladesh border US Army Map Service
1601 Map of Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya) and the Northeast Passage - Geographicus - NovaZembla-debry-1601
US military Vietnam War era map near Đầm Dơi (dated 1960). Not sure what the red and blue markings represent.
Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario) (1917) (14582640460)
India on the march (1922) (14780555801)
US Army map-Philibhit, India; Nepal.
1922 Tabriz detail Map of Africa and Adjoining Portions of Europe and Asia by US National Geographic Society BPL m0612013
USA 2000 asian density key
Ethnic map of Cyprus before the CIA sponsored/covered invasion by Turkey (yes in 1974, USA sponsored the invasion of a European territory by a muslim nation...)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography