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1938 pictorial map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
The Mapparium, built in 1935 in Boston, MA
1931 Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Annotated aerial photo of Boston, Massachusetts and environs, 1930.
Boston rapid transit, 1967
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - from Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912
The Boston Mapparium, built 1935
1932 Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts - by Walter M. Gaffney´╗┐
Boston 1930 vs 1995 - Quick, which technology is better? In 1930, Boston hired the Curtis Wright Flying Service to survey the entire city. Compare the results to the best USGS technology of 1995.
1902 Map of Lifesaving Stations and principal recent shipwrecks, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
1952 Boston Aerial - From the National Archives
1979 Soviet map of Boston, MA vs current GIS data
South Boston Waterfront: 80 years in 8 high-res precisely-aligned aerials: 1938, 1955, 1969, 1978, 1995, 2003, 2011, Google. From a railroad terminal in the 30's to a Navy base in the 50's to the beginning of the Big Dig in 90's. And then on to Boston's fastest growing cityscape.
The ghost of Boston's Governor's Island and Fort Winthrop are clearly visible in this overlay of a 1938 eerial photo of Logan Airport, combined with the current Google aerial. Runway 4R goes right through the western edge of the island. OC (See interactive mapping links in the comments)
Public Libraries of Massachusetts (1915)
Massachusetts congressional districts large
1917 Boston Bromley Atlas serves as a base for current Google Earth buildings. You can see exactly which 1917 buildings are no longer there today. (see the comments on how to view this yourself) OC
1952 MIT and Boston Aerial Scan of 9"x9" National Archives Negative
Map of Boston's sewers, 1905
Boston's South Boston Waterfront in 1938 was dominated by railroads and shipping. Current aerial from Mapbox shows new office towers and part of the Big Dig roadway that completed I-90 to Logan Airport (interactive link in comments) OC
A map of downtown Boston created by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Circa 1979
A Picture Chart of Cape Cod, 1955
Boston's subway expansion plan, 1945
Indian Rebellion of 1857
Map of Massachusetts NA
Boston rapid transit, 1925
Boston, Massachusetts 1955 Yellow Book
1979 Soviet map of Charlestown and East/North/South Boston.
Ma03 109
Ma05 109
Map of Harvard Sq. Area, Cambridge (1978)
Massachusetts Pictorial Map - 1984
Boston & Maine Railroad routes to the White Mountains 1902
1903 Boston Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad Winthrop Loop map
National-atlas-massachusetts edit 2
Aero view of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1916 : looking north
India 1804 map
1922 Cape Cod Canal plans
17thcMap CourtSt SchoolSt Boston Drake1917
The Map of Old Cape Cod The land of Bold Explorers, Heroic Pilgrims, Hardy Seamen, Great Fisheries and Famous Ships
1968 map of proposed Lowell Connector Extension
An atlas of commercial geography (1913) (14781467525)
India north 1857
The public libraries of Massachusetts (2675184057)
The street railway review (1891) (14574902599)
Map of the Beverly and Manchester shore Massachusetts (3369699475)
NIE 1905 Massachusetts
Map of the city of Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 1907 (3719860525)
Part of Ward 1. (Map bound by Cherry Lane, Forest Ave, Lowell Ave, Davis Ave, Pelton Ave, Bard Ave, Glove Road, Richmond Turnpike, Jewett Ave) NYPL1643831
Sheet 6- Grid 14000E - 16000E, 5000S - 9000S. (Includes Boston Post Road, Bronx River, Bronx Park, West Farms Road, Morris Park Avenue, New Haven-Hartford R.R. (West Farm), 172nd Street to NYPL1526395
Sheet 14- Grid 16000E - 20000E, 11000N - 15000N. (Includes Boston Post Road, (EastChester), Rattlesnake Creek, (Bay Chester Avenue) and Eastchester Landing Road.) NYPL1526403
1692 Salem Massachusetts map BPL 12894
Birds eye view of Boston Harbor and south shore to Provincetown showing steamboat routes (2675190451)
1902 Map showing the terminal facilities of Boston
Birds-eye view from summit of Mt. Washington; White Mountains, New Hampshire (2673772513)
1903 Boston map
1903 Boston suburban railroads map
Map of Massachusetts showing population according to United States Census of 1900 and congressional districts (3120843874)
Map of the city of Boston and vicinity (3855456495)
Boston 1903 map
Map of the city of Newton Massachusetts (3887214730)
Boston Harbor (7557396602)
Map of the metropolitan district of Boston, Massachusetts, showing local public reservations and holdings of the Metropolitan Park Commission (3121052682)
Map Boston Bacon1903
Map CopleySq Boston Bacon1903
Lechmere Canal, Cambridge (2673751701)
Map of the city of Boston and vicinity (3721026240)
Map of the city of Boston and vicinity (8253081596)
Plan of Boston showing existing ways and owners on December 25, 1645 (2675221226)
Map of the city of Boston and vicinity (3120225569)
Map showing Boston territory tributary to South Metropolitan system and Boston main drainage system (3720213867)
Double Page Plate No. 8, Part of Ward 24, Section 11. (Bounded by E. 182nd Street, Boston Road, E. 181st Street,Bronx Street, E. 177th Street, Marmion Avenue and Southern Boulevard.) NYPL1533061
Plan of location of projected ship canal from Taunton River to Boston Harbor, through Weymouth Fore River (9471060169)
Automobile map of Massachusetts, central section (3120843350)
City of Lowell (7537857640)
City of Lowell (9137935278)
Double Page Plate No. 33, Part of Ward 24, Sections 11 and 12. (Bounded by Broadway, E. 230th Street, Bailey Avenue, Boston Avenue, Sedgwick Avenue, Kingsbridge Rpad. Emmerich Place, Bailey Avenue) NYPL1533086
The National Publishing Companys railroad, post office, township and county map of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut with distances in figures compiled from the latest government surveys and original sources (9136603283)
The street railway review (1891) (14571877759)
Twentieth century Boston (2674949807)
1905 Automobile Club Map of Suffolk County, Long Island - Geographicus - LongIslandEast-autoclub-1905
Map of Massachusetts (2674160089)
Map of the city of Boston and vicinity (3721026530)
NIE 1905 Boston (Massachusetts)
Richards standard atlas of the city of Springfield and the town of Longmeadow, Massachusetts (2674586317)
Richards standard atlas of the city of Springfield and the town of Longmeadow, Massachusetts (2675406452)
Richards standard atlas of the city of Springfield and the town of Longmeadow, Massachusetts (2675407450)
Map of the city of Boston (3120130491)
Hammonds new road map of western Massachusetts (2674379275)
Map of Massachusetts showing population according to census of 1910 (2675412332)
1954 M.T.A. Boston map
Map of Cambridge 1910 - gutenberg 38735 img002
1910 Boston map
1919 U.S. Geological Survey Map of Nantucket, Massachusetts - Geographicus - Nantucket-USCS-1919
Boston traffic map showing one way streets and parking spaces (6093642349)
Boston, one hundred years a city - a collection of views made from rare prints and old photographs showing the changes which have occurred in Boston during the one hundred years of its existence as a (14598282777)
Map of Worcester Mass. (7557598788)
1926 Boston Elevated Railway rapid transit map
National topographic map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island showing counties, townships, cities, villages and post offices ... according to the latest census. (8346766610)
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