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Ethnic map of eastern provinces of German Reich based on official census of 1910 (red: German ; green: Poles)
Polish population before the rebirth of Poland from the German occupation authorities in 1916
In the early 20th century, Germany was bleeding away its population through emigration. This collection from various sources shows the extent of emigration, along with useful comparative information on the various destinations one might choose...pls see comment.
German ancestry in the United States (2000 census) and Canada (2016 census)
Population change of German cities between 1950 and 2016
Once a very clear North/South divide ran through Germany. Here a look at the 'cattle type' census of 1925. Several more in comments for an explanation.
The percentage of the German population in the judicial districts of Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia according to the census of 1930
German ancestry in the USA (2000 census) and Canada (2016 census)
Republic of German-Austria, the initial Rump State for the German speaking population after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1918)
A German Map from 1941 of the Population Density of Soviet Russia
Germany, Lower Saxony, 1932. Population by religious confession. d.) Catholic vs. Protestant e.) Other Christians f.) Israelites g.) Other religions.
Germany, Lower Saxony, population by Christian confession. Data from ca. 1925.
1944 Germany Population (30249096763)
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