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Germans, backing toward "Inner Fortress" plan to make peace costly ; a 1943 map from the Los Angeles Times
European Revue - Kill That Eagle (1914). Representations of Germany's neighbors
My grandfathers went to school in Switzerland in the 1930/40s but used a german school atlas. The school publishing house oversticked the racist nazi terms.
Found an old atlas at my grandaunts home: Every country of Africa is colonized, except Ethiopia. orange=German, red=English, brown=French, dark green=Italian, Green=Italian,... Andrees Handatlas 1914.
1912 German Map of Antarctica
Ethnic map of eastern provinces of German Reich based on official census of 1910 (red: German ; green: Poles)
German speaking areas before and after 1945
The rise of Germany, 1815-1871 (published in the early 20th century)
Train lines in the German Reich (1906)
Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance: from the Allies' Peace Terms as Stated in their Reply to President Wilson's Note of 19th Dec. 1916 (approx. 1917)
Germany (1906)
Polish population before the rebirth of Poland from the German occupation authorities in 1916
The Borderland Germans (1938)
Dissemination of the German Language (1913)
Germany in 1648 (map in French made in 1947)
In the early 20th century, Germany was bleeding away its population through emigration. This collection from various sources shows the extent of emigration, along with useful comparative information on the various destinations one might choose...pls see comment.
This map superimposes the border of the German Empire (1871-1918) on the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland.
How West Berlin appeared on a 1988 East German Map
German Map Of Europe, 1913
1905 map of Hannover, Oldenburg, Braunschweig and Bremen in Germany - by Richard Andree and Albert Scobel
Amount of "Foreign Workers" within the Nazi Germany (1941)
Territories ceded by Czechoslovakia to Germany following the Munich Agreement (1938)
What Germany Wants, 1917
Europe as 'Lebensraum' from German School Atlas, 1942 (
Andrees Handatlas 1914: North America; small card: spreading of black people in America (racist German term)
Germany: The Beautiful Travel Country (1936)
Germany’s plans for Africa in 1917
Results of the German federal election 1912
Organization of the German Empire in Europe, 1871-1918
"Ships sunk by our U-boats..." Berlin und Glogau Carl Flemming AG, ca. 1918
Expansion plans for Wewelsburg, Germany (1940)
Territories held by Germany on 1st May 1945, 7 days before the end of the WW2 in Europe
1992 Hannover map found sealed in a bookstore in São Paulo, Brazil
Map of European regions that were ethnic German and/or German-speaking in 1910
Detailed German map of Yugoslavia from 1940 
April 1932 German presidential election
A map I made of a world where Germany won WW1. The map is in 1925. Italy and Ethiopia also joined on the Central Powers' side.
The Soviet major offensives of 30 November - 22 December 1939 in the Winter War.
Enlargement of the European Union
My first map. Self made, Germany in 1920 if the central powers won World War 1.
Distribution of Germans in Europe in 1938
An East German map dating from 1988 that shows West Berlin as a gaping hole.
This map appeared on the cover of Life Magazine on 10 February 1916, urging direct U.S. action to oppose German aggression in Europe
On the lower reaches of the Volga River, there once existed a separate republic for Russia’s Germans. This is a Map of the Volga German ASSR 1920
Europe seen from Russia (1943), Colorised with Pre-War borders of the Soviet Union and Germany, and showing the furthest extent of the Axis invasion into the Soviet Union.
The German Empires Economy in 1913 - Mining, Industry, Agriculture and Trade
German ancestry in the United States (2000 census) and Canada (2016 census)
As agreed to by the German Empire and Bolshevik Russia in 1917, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk outlined a postwar Eastern Europe with these borders
Railroad Network in Germany, 1914
1988 East German Map of West Berlin
Trialist proposal for Austria-Hungary turning it from Dual to Triple Monarchy by elevating Croatia to equal status, Henrik von Hanau 1905, Vienna
Formation of the modern German empire, A.D. 1914
Birthplaces of German Members of Government since 1949
Partition plan of Germany proposed by Roosevelt in February 1945.
German map of Stalingrad (1942)
Berlin U-Bahn ridership 1927
Operation Barbarossa; the German invasion of the Soviet Union, 1941. Outline of US states for scale
German propaganda the year after the end of the World War 1914-1918
The German Empire at its territorial peak in 1914
"What Germany wants" 1917 map showing the claims of Germany around the world
Map of the German Empire in 1914 with major cities
In 1941, Theodore Kaufman published a book advocating for the sterilization of all Germans and the territorial dismemberment of Germany, believing this would achive "world peace". This was the map he proposed.
"The Downfall of Germany's World-Empire", c. 1917-19, a map showing the size of Germany's lost colonies when laid over Europe
Presumed routes to Berlin published by TIME The weekly magazine in 1943
Expansion and administrative divisions of Nazi Germany, 1943
Countries that Participated in the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi Berlin
The post war partition of Germany, as proposed by Summer Welles in Life Magazine in 1944.
Germany, Austria and Trieste 1954
German federal election, March 1933: 33 of 35 parliamentary districts won by the Nazi Party
German Language in 1910
Largest Jewish communities in 1933's Germany
West German map of Germany from 1969
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
German Antarctica Map, 1912
Administrative divisions of Nazi Germany in Jan. 1944.
"What Germany wants" 1917 map showing the claims of Germany around the world
Another 1943 map of Europe, bought in Berlin for €5
The German Empire in 1914
Occupation Zones in Germany in 1946.
German territorial losses, 1919–1945
1940 German invasion plan of France and the Low Countries compared to the 1914 German invasion and the original 1939 invasion plan
Result of the November 1932 German Federal election
Map of the German Kaiserreich (1871-1918)
German Parliamentary Elections 1920-1933
GDP comparion of Italy and Germany 1990 - 2020
Ethnicities of Greater Germany 1921
Population change of German cities between 1950 and 2016
Votes for the Nazi Party in the 1933 German Election
German Ethnic map of Yugoslavia 1940
Map of Germany from the German Atlas of 1960
Areas of German Settlement in Modern Day Czechia circa 1935, aka the Sudetenland
1938 German map of Germans in Europe .
Mosel River, Germany 1930
Ethnic map of eastern Germany in 1910 (Red=Majority german, green=Majority polish)
West-German border claims seen on 1958 Atlas
1944-45 voyage of U-862, the only German U-Boat that reached the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War
1906 Antarctica Map published by Justus Perthes in Germany
Battle for Berlin in 1945 (the map is from the later Soviet textbook though)
The last official German map claiming parts of Poland: 1970
Result of the 1912 Imperial elections in the German Reich
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