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This map from 1955 is upside-down to help northerners get to Florida
Sakhalin and the Kulrile Islands in 1875 (Treaty of St. Petersburg), 1905 (Treaty of Porsmouth) and 1945 (End of World War II)
Florida map from an old book published 1948
St. Petersburg, Russia 1913
Map of Florida, 1910
1924 Auto Trails Map of Florida
1968 US Presidential Election in Florida
Post Route Map of the State of Florida, 1903
A 1916 aerial map of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, showing the university extending to the southwest from a gate at the intersection of what is today University Avenue and 13th Street (at the bottom-left).
United States House of Representatives, Florida District 1 map
United States House of Representatives, Florida District 14 map
United States House of Representatives, Florida District 6 map
In 1979, Miami proposed to build a massive Metrorail system modeled after the Washington DC Metro. Most of it was never built, after it came out that the original projections were wildly overoptimistic.
railroad map of Florida from 1948 by Rand McNally
Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida 1955 Yellow Book
Jacksonville downtown bridges
Florida, 1988 United States Presidential Election
Cayo Hueso - Key West, Florida (1940)
A partial 1937 map of Jacksonville, FL, from a federal agency created in the 1930s to assess home loan risk identifies some parts as unstable markets (red areas) and others as desirable (blue and green). Black neighborhoods, including wealthy ones, were marked red, leading to the term redlining.
Tampa, FL streetcar system, 1920
A Map of Florida for Garden Lovers (1934)
Walton County, Florida map from 1910
Map of Florida NA
Florida Topographic Map 1925 - very HD, have to click/zoom to really see it
Topographical map of Tampa, Florida, 1944
United States Senate election in Florida, 1994
Miami, Florida 1955 Yellow Book
Dog Island Florida
USBLM meridian map Florida
NIE 1905 Florida
Map of Florida roads NA nomenu
Pensacola, Florida 1955 Yellow Book
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Beatles 64 february
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