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Population distribution of Cyprus, 1960 and 1999. I though it relevant because of the new peace talks going on in Geneva atm
Alaska, Far North Frontier (1981)
The Indian Empire in 1915 after the reunification of Bengal, the creation of the new province of Bihar and Orissa, and the re-establishment of Assam
Bantustans - Republic of South Africa and South-West Africa, 1973
New Zealand median centre of population - 1921 to 2017
Canada provinces 1867-1870
Religion in British India Bengal & Assam in 1941, with Partition Line
Vegetation map of Cameroon (1969)
Cameroon tribal groups (1969)
Map of "Greater Turkey" (Misak-i Milli, English: National Pact) adopted by Ottoman Empire in a secret session of the Chamber of Deputies in 1920
Mean centre of population for Australia, 1911-1996
Area of Great Toronto Fire of 1904 showing the Wholesale district affected (MAPS-R-71)
Alaska, Far North Frontier (1981)
Pictorial Map of Cameroon (1950)
Golden langur habitats2
A map of the Takla Makan Basin in Central Asia, drawn in 1921 by the the explorer Aurel Stein and included in volume 5 of his book Serindia, describing his travels in the area
Provincial map of Bengal : Bihar and Orissa, and Assam (1912)
Toronto Centre - 1904
1904 Clason Map or View of the Gilpin Colorado Gold and Mineral Belt - Geographicus - GilpinCountyColorado-clason-1904
Lahore and Environ map 1911
The land of open doors; being letters from western Canada. With foreword by Earl Grey (1914) (14778976771)
Annual report of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta (1921) (14596748360)
India impressions, with some notes of Ceylon during a winter tour, 1906-7 (microform) (1907) (14779427031)
India 1951 Assam
Assam in India (1951)
The street railway review (1891) (14574902599)
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark- with excursions to Iceland and Spitzbergen; handbook for travellers (1909) (14756206576)
The Centre of Interest in the East - Japan, Korea, Manchuria 1903
Map of the North-West Frontier Province and Kashmir from The Imperial Gazetteer of India (1907-1909)
1954-1955 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season summary
Balassa-Gyarmat und Ipoly-Sag. NYPL1226537
Plan centre-ville Marseille 1925
Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, Woodmere, Etc. NYPL1633777
Centre du Front de l'Est du 22 juin au 29 aout 1944-es
Centre du Front de l'Est du 22 juin au 29 aout 1944
Das K├╝rschner-Handwerk, II. Auflage 3. Teil, S. 57, Weltkarte Verbreitung der Biber, Bisam und Nutria (1910)
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