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The Commonwealth of Nations or, The British Empire - prepared to celebrate the coronation of King George VI in May 1937
1924 map of the world, showing the British Empire
The 'All Red Line' of the British Empire (1902) - the telegraph line that encircled a planet
British Empire at its territorial peak in 1921
"The Flags of a Free Empire, Showing the Emblems of British Power Throughout the World" Map of the British Empire (1910), by Arthur Mee
"This picture-map shows the British Empire as it is today, with types of some of its citizens who include men of all races - white, black, yellow, red and brown" | A map from a 1920's children's encyclopedia (more in the comments)
The British Empire (peak) (1921) (full size in comments)
British Empire, 1910
Isochronic map of the British Empire: Distances in days from London in 1914
The British Empire in 1914 - just before the start of the First World War
Map of the British Empire is 1910
Nautic Chart from Drake Passage and South Shetland Islands / Carta Nautica del Pasaje de Drake e Islas Shetland del Sur (1985) 6927 x 4992
This March 1989 map shows the island ecology of South Georgia, which was claimed for Britain in 1775 by Captain James Cook.
"Map of the British Empire at its height in the 20th century". u/Cameron94 posted this 4 years ago and this is an updated version, please give feedback on what else to update
British Empire in India 1903
Map BEIC 1837-1857
British Empire in 1907
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