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1915 map of Japan, Korea & Taiwan
Feudal Map of Japan between 1564-73 (published 1905)
Bird's-eye view of British Afghanistan (circa 1910)
Countries that recognize the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971
Pictorial map of China (1931)
1937 Map of the Current Situation in East Asia - by Osaka Daily News
1927 map of the Railway Network of Japan and Korea
Indian Ocean including Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia (1946) - National Geographic
Map of the partition of India (1947)
How Japan Could Attack U.S. (1937)
Ethnographic map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia - published 1910
1944 South China Sea Area War Map
1919 Map of the Japanese Empire including Sakhalin Island, Korea and Taiwan - in Japanese
Central and East Asia (1911)
1942 Japanese Map of Taiwan
Japanese pictorial map of the Pacific Theatre (East and Southeast Asia, and western Pacific Ocean) in 1941
1943 Pictorial Map of India's Industries
1950 wall map of Asia
A map of China prepared for the China Inland Mission (1908)
1915 Daily Telegraph war map of Gallipolli Peninsula, Turkey, showing forts, roads and tracks
Australia, a Gigantic Inheritance : taken from a magazine published in Japan in September, 1919
Ethnic map of Asia Minor, 1910
Map showing the partitioning of Ottoman Turkey according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920)
1935 Travelers' map of Japan : including Chosen (Korea) and Taiwan (Formosa)
Japanese map of northeast China and Korea (1918)
China (Seen from the direction of Guam) - 1941
1909 Map of Baluchistan from The Imperial Gazetteer of India
The Ever Changing Course of the Padma River, Bangladesh - January 2, 1988 to January 20, 2018
South Asia with Afghanistan and Burma (1984) - National Geographic Society
National Geographic Indonesia (1996)
Turkey at the Crossroads, published in Time Magazine, Dec. 20 1943
Asia 1910
Bird's-eye view map of Japan (1921)
A large relief map carved out in marble at the "Mother India Temple" (Bharat Mata Mandir); built in 1936 by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, it's the only temple dedicated to Mother India
The Evolution of Metros in China & Taiwan: 1990 - 2020
South Korea's GDP per capita vs. rest of the world: 1970 vs. 2016
Japanese World War II Pictorial Map of Europe, Asia and northern Africa (1942)
Ethnic Shift in Iraq, 1947-2017
China, Korea and Japan (1902)
Africa and Adjoining Portions of Europe and Asia 1922
National Geographic Map of Asia and Adjacent Areas (1959)
1943 French pictorial map of southern regions of Laos, and Annam (Vietnam)
1960 economic geography map of Japan
India at the end of the British Period 1947
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Persia, Afghanistan, Balochistan. Turkestan belonged to China, but was de facto autonom. The "countries" Buchara and Chiwa were just regions around some these cities.
Empire of Japan At Its Greatest Extent (1942)
1915 Map of Europe with Portions of Asia and Africa
Punjab 1909
The Plan of Al Madina, Saudi Arabia - 1946 - British Naval Intelligence
Southwest Asia in the early 20th Century
Map of the State of War between Japan and China during the Manchurian Incident 1932
Extreme poverty (<$1.25 a day) in South, East and South-East Asia as % of population: 1981 vs 2017
1952 Soils map of Japan by Yutaka Kamoshita. I have it hanging in my room
Japanese Map of East Asia - 1937
Physical map of the Korean Peninsula with roads and cities. Produced by the Map Publishing House, Pyongyang, North Korea, 1986
GDP per capita in Africa vs. China (1980 & 2016)
Provinces of China compared to countries of similar GDP (map without labels in comments) (2000 X 1700)
Map of Turkish as mother language in 1965 Turkey census
Tourist Map of Taiwan, 1969
‘A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia” (1904), an anti-Russian map created by a Japanese student at Keio University during the Russo-Japanese War
1902 British Outline Map of Iran
Found a book of January-June 1923 National Geographics in a coffee shop. Here’s The Great Wall of China in relation to the US.
Percentage of farmland devoted to rice paddies in China (1996)
Proposed Balkan Federation by Soviet War Minister Kliment Voroshilov to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1933 That was Supposed to Economically Unite Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Yugoslavia
Syria Land Utilization in 1979
Air India's route map on a hand fan, 1960
Pakistan in 1947
French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon (1920-1936)
Topographic map of China (1984)
The Peoples of China (1980) - National Geographic Society
1971 UN vote to replace the Republic of China (Taiwan's) UN seat with that of the People's Republic of China
Child mortality in Asia 1980 and 2015
Peoples Of South Asia Map 1984
Map speculating on a possible division of India from the Daily Herald newspaper, 4th June 1947.
Distribution of Languages and Religious Groups in Sri Lanka, 1981
Israel and NZ South Island Size Comparison 1980
Croplands of Asia (2000)
Japanese pictorial map of South Asia from 1932
1904 map of Asia and Europe by Kisaburo Ohara
British Indian Empire 1909 Imperial Gazetteer of India
Religious groups of China (1965)
A map showing the extent of fire and blast damage to Hiroshima, Japan, done by the atomic bomb dropped on August 6, 1945
Southeast Asia during the high colonial age, 1870-1914
Population Density of the British Indian Empire, 1909
1921 Map of Asia and Adjoining Europe by National Geographic
India and Burma 1946
Ethnic map of eastern Turkey, Syria and western Persia, 1910.
Economic comparison of North and South Korea, 1968
Time zones of Republic of China (1918-1949)
Four approaches to Japan (1944)
North Yemen and South Yemen Before Unification in 1990
India Administrative Divisions 1951
Illustrated Map of China from 1931
Precipitation of China (1983)
Warlord territories in China during the Warlord Era of the 1920's
The Cold War Bamboo Curtain of Eastern and Southern Asia in 1959 (The Asian equivalent of the Iron Curtain of Europe)
CO2 emissions in East, South and Southeast Asia. 1980 vs. 2012
Japan Population Change 1950-2015
Map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia 1910 (ethnographical)
Soviet Central Asia in 1922
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