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Egypt, 1905
Ethnographic map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia - published 1910
Ethnic Shift in Iraq, 1947-2017
The Plan of Al Madina, Saudi Arabia - 1946 - British Naval Intelligence
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - from Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912
Arab states in 1947
February 1956 Map of UN Partition Plan for Palestine, adopted 29 Nov 1947, with boundary of previous UNSCOP partition plan added in green .
Expansion of French control of Algeria, 1830-1956
Syria Land Utilization in 1979
French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon (1920-1936)
Short-lived United Arab Republic (1958-1961)
Expansion of Italian Libya -- Dark green: territories ceded by the Ottoman Empire in 1912 ; light green: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1919 and 1926 ; red: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1934-35
Ethnic map of eastern Turkey, Syria and western Persia, 1910.
North Yemen and South Yemen Before Unification in 1990
Arab Israeli (Six-Day) War (4 June 1967)
Map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia 1910 (ethnographical)
Status of the 1947 UN Partition of Palestine
Ethnic composition of Hatay state and neighbouring lands of Syria at 1936
Arab League, 1946
Operation Desert Storm, 1991 liberation of Kuwait, map
Israel and the Arab states, 1967
Asia Minor, Syria & Mesopotamia (1922) (The Times Atlas & Gazetteer of the World)
Arab Federation of 1958
Turkish interventionism (and expansion) in Cyprus, Syria and Iraq since 1939
1977 map of South Lebanon by the Central Intelligence Agency
Short-lived United Arab States (1958-1961)
Maroc (Morocco) - 1950
1947-1948 Israel Arab Conflict
Franco-Spanish conquest of Morocco (1893–1932)
Countries that recognized the Jordanian annexation of the West Bank (Blue) between 1950 and 1967
1940 Vintage EGYPT Map of Egypt
Palestine 1878 - 1927 : Palestinian villages and towns, mixed towns and Zionist settlements
Initial German and Italian attacks during the Battle of Gazala in Libya, May 1942.
The territorial losses of Egypt since 1919
Combatants and allies - 1948 Arab-Israeli war overlaid on the US
A general map of Egypt and Nubia, A History of Egypt, 1909 edition. Banana for scale.
A "Map of Palestine for cars" printed in 1934.
Egyptian territorial losses from 1918 to 2018
Palestine 1020BC Smith 1915
Grafton Elliot Smith Cultural Diffusion Map from Egypt
Le Maroc - Morocco by Lucien Boucher (1948)
Greater Syria Ethnic Map Remade with French Based Map of 1935
Jewish Land Ownerships in Mandate of Palestine, 1945, overlaying on top of the 1948 UN partition border and 1949 Armistice line
Palestine according to Eusbius and Jerome - Smith 1915
Palestine Index to Villages and Settlements, showing Land in Jewish Possession as at 31.12.44
Late stage map of Rommel’s victory over the British Army at the Battle of Gazala in Libya, June 1942.
Population map of northeast Syria in 1941 based on the survey of the High commission
Iraq under the Abbasid Caliphate
Beirut Vilayet and Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate — Memalik-i Mahruse-i Shahane-ye Mahsus Mukemmel ve Mufassal Atlas (1907)
Asia minor-Shepherd 1923 Syria
1940 motor map of Palestine
The Euphrates Valley: Syria, Kurdistan, etc. (1904)
Map of Arab population by regions, 2000
Ethnic composition of Syria c. 1976
J-m-dent-and-sons atlas-of-ancient-and-classical-geography 1912 syria-mesopotamia-assyria-etc-northern-middle-east 3296 2114 600
Map of Iraq, 1976
Somalia tribes1977
Libya population density (1964)
Carte des Iles Comores - Map of the Islands of Comoros (1903)
French ethnic map of Jazira province in Northeast Syria in 1939
Butler syria
Moheli (Comoros) map
Palestine under the Maccabees Smith 1915
Palestine under the Persians Smith 1915
Sudan 1991 transportation map
Morocco ethno 1973 all v2
Anjouan (Comoros) map
Palestine 1926
Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario) (1917) (14582640460)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14777735941)
Butler syria A
1965 Spruner Map of the Caucasus and Iraq in Antiquity - Geographicus - CaucusesIraq-spruner-1865
Routes et Villes de la Palestine. 1905-1905
Albania 1965 Spruner Map of the Caucasus and Iraq in Antiquity - Geographicus - CaucusesIraq-spruner-1865
The birds of Tunisia; being a history of the birds found in the regency of Tunis (1905) (20198502549)
Egypt Eyalet, Bengazi Sanjak, Tripolitania Vilayet, Tunis Eyalet, Algeria — Memalik-i Mahruse-i Shahane-ye Mahsus Mukemmel ve Mufassal Atlas (1907)
Syrian Kingdom
Map of Hebron (1912)
1943 Tunisia (30252727384)
1977 South Lebanon (30583774640)
Sudan. (2674837181)
1982 Jordan Water Development (30583894020)
Map of Libya showing outlines of the ten governorates from 1963-1970
World Factbook (1982) Comoros
Middle East Countries - Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia
Environs of Jerusalem .jpg Reproduced by the Survey of Egypt
Sudan politisch 1956
Egyptian Empire, B.C. 1450 (Bartholomew, J. G. 1913)
Palestine Index to Villages and Settlements, showing Jewish-owned Land 31 March 1945
Jerusalem Reproduced and printed by survey of Palestine
Algeria tribes
Morocco 1908
Syrian strongposts
1974 Libya (30885116205)
Islamist Trends in Middle East States (from Morocco to Eastern Border of Iran)
Comoros country map 1976, CIA
Grand Comore (Comoros) map
Land Ownership of Palestine in 1945
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