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European Tribes documented by the Romans and the Greeks (1st Century BC-AD)
The Celts 500-58 BC
Greek geographer Strabo's map of the world,in his book Geographica, 7 BC to 23 AD
The Celts 500-58 BC
Battle Map of Alesia 52 BC
Area speaking the Basque language, 1st century BC - present
Italy, 50 BC
The Armenian Empire at its territorial peak under Tigranes the Great (c. 80 BC)
Expansion of the pre-Teutonic Nordics 1800-100 BC
Germanic Expansion, 1000 BC-100 BC
The Celts - Britain and Ireland - 58 BC-AD 150
The Roman Republic - The Civil Wars (49-30 BC)
Armenia at its greatest territorial extent, under Tigranes the Great, in 80 BC
Europe 60 BC
Linguistic Map of the Paleo-Balkan Languages, c. 1st century BC
Battle of MORBIHAN in 56 BC (following the quality post "pre-Roman peoples of Western Europe and North Africa!"
Map of China, Han Dynasty, circa 100 BC
Battle Map of Alesia 52 BC
Europe - 60 BC
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