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The Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War (1855)
Ukrainian percentage in the Russian Empire in 1897 .
East Slavic Languages ( Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Rusyn) in the Russian Empire 1897
Ethnic Russian percentage of the total population in Ukraine in 1897-1900 .
The sex ratio in various oblasts of the Ukrainian SSR (number of men for every 1,000 women who were born in 1889-1928 and were still alive in 1959) in 1959 .
Geographic center-point of Europe (at least according to Austria-Hungary in 1887), now in Kruhlyi, Ukraine
Map of port of Balaklava and route to Sevastopol 1855
Germans in Ukraine, 1897
High Res Ukraine Ethnic Map circa 1900
Cherkasy plan 1826
Two maps showing percentage of Ukrainian population in Russian regions — 1897 and 2002
Ukraine 1882
Kherson governorate 1821
Poltava governorate 1821
Ukrainian language in the Russian Empire (1897)
262 Übersichtskarte Kiev und nördliche Ukraine
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