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"Bird's-Eye View of New York and Environs" -John Bachmann. Colored Lithograph. New York, Kimmel and Foster, 1865.
The Viele Map - officially called "Sanitary & Topographical Map of the City and Island of New York (1865)" / by Egbert Viele
1806 map of part of the United States of North America : containing those of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia
New York, from the Harbor (1879)
1804 Map of New York state by Surveyor Simeon De Witt
Bird's eye view of Manhattan in 1851
Sidney's Map Twelve Miles Around New York, 1849
1866 U.S. Coast Survey Nautical Chart of Map of New York City and Harbor
Map of rival gang turfs, 1840-1910, New York
The island of Manhattan in 1879, birds-eye-view vintage map
New York City from a Balloon - Harpers Weekly 1871
Map of Manhattan - 1840
Map of lower Manhattan in 1803
Map of Buffalo, 1880
Map of New York City in 1860
New York Bay and Harbor 1861 US Coast Guard Chart
Bird's-Eye-View Map of Rome, New York (1886)
Bird's eye panoramic view print of Manhattan in 1873
1830: Travel Time from New York City
Map Of The Country Thirty Three Miles Around The City Of New York by J. H. Colton (1879)
Fortifications around the New York area in 1814
1836 topographical map of Manhattan by JH Colton
Albany New York 1895 Restored
Map of the All-Water Route from the Mississippi to New York & the Eastern Atlantic, 1885
Map of Brooklyn, New York Year 1859
William Bridges' map of New York City, 1807
1830 Travel times from New York City, in days and weeks
Grid Plan for New York City - 1807
Long Island, 1873
New York Bay and Environs (1844)
New York Wilderness: 1876 map of the Adirondacks
Map of Patagonia with South Orkney, Falkland Islands, & South Georgia Island. New York (1855) by Joseph Hutchins Colton.
Population Density Map of New York City in 1900
1885 utilities plan for Wall St. In New York City.
1865 Manhattan streets overlaid on its original topography
Long Island City map 1896
c. 1890 Topographic Map of the Finger Lakes regions (New York)
1869 Knapp Map of the Southeast Corner of Central Park (Grand Army Plaza) New York City - Geographicus - CentralParkSW-centralpark-1869
1864 New York
Map of Lower Manhattan, Ca. 1780 (published- May 1882)
Profiles of the New York State Canals and Feeders (and Railroads) 1862
New York’s Commissioner’s Plan of 1811... the city would have looked very different without Central Park!
Taylor map of New York
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page018-019
1813 Yonkers, NY, map
Brooklyn Museum - Sidney's Map Twelve Miles Around New York - Norman Friend
Port of New York 1851
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page097
1860 Mitchell Map of New York City, New York (first edition) - Geographicus - NYC-mitchell-1860
New Paltz Academy, 1875
1878 Manhattan Beach Railway
Page 05- (Bounded by (Chelsea), W. 36th Street (Fashion Center), (Sixth Avenue), W. Fifteenth Street and Hudson River.) NYPL1531809
1846 Emmons Agricultural Map of New York State - Geographicus - NewYork-emmons-1846
Brooklyn, New York 1890
1843 Blackwell Map of Niagara Falls, New York
Page from an 1868 atlas of New York City
Map of Albany County, New York: from actual surveys, 1854
Kings and Queens Counties, Long Island, New York (1859)
1885 Topographic Map of New York City
British Empire in India 1903
Beers Atlas Page053-054
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page016-017
1857 Map of Albany Edit Crop
PSM V28 D451 Hell gate new york
Birds-eye view of New York, 1851
1849 Railroad Map of New England & Eastern New York
Buffalo Bayou map 1869
Map bounded by Bulkhead and Pier Line 58-62, W. 19th St, 10th Avenue, W. 12th St; Including Thirteenth Avenue, 11th Ave, W. 12th St, W. 13th St, W. 14th St, W. 15th St, W. 16th St, W. 17th NYPL1648023 crop
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page070
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page072
The Great north side, or, Borough of the Bronx, New York (1897) (14784785953)
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page085
Grand Opera House (map detail)
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page087
Albany Basin 1857
Beers Ulster County Atlas Page088
Map of the State of New York, by Simeon De Witt, 1802
Currier and Ives - New York showing Equitable Life building
Buffalo Street Map, 1892
Philadelphia, Newtown and New York 1900
North River Blue Stone Works Malden NY
Rosendale Village 1875 map
1873 Beers Map of Hunters Point (Long Island City), Queens, New York - Geographicus - HuntersPoint-beers-1873
1867 Map of Trumbull Connecticut
1868 Beers Map of Tarrytown ( Sleepy Hollow ), New York - Geographicus - Tarrytown-beers-1868
Hastings Dobbs Ferry Irvington map
Irvington 1868 map
1871 Hardy Map of New York City Police Departments - Geographicus - NewYorkPoliceMap-hardy-1870
1871 Harpers Weekly View or Map of New York City from a Balloon - Geographicus - NewYork-harpers-1871
1831 Hooker Map of New York City (1871 reissue) - Geographicus - NewYork-hooker-1871
1867 Beers Map of Yonkers - Tibbetts Brook 02
Albany Bleecker Stadium
Birds eye view New York City crop
Birds eye view New York City
Taylor Map - Brewsters of 25th Street
Robinson Manhattan and Bronx Plate 01 detail publ. 1885
Taylor Map - City of New York
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