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The next step for the evolution of Minnesota, not long after Dakota territory comes into existence, here in 1862.
Minneapolis Buildings Age: 1858 - 2017
Minnesota Territory 1849-1858
Minneapolis around 1900
Anoka, Minnesota 1874
Minnesota Territory (1856)
1873 Gray Railroad Map of Minnesota and Iowa - Geographicus - MNIA-gray-1873
1893 Map of Minnesota
1865 Johnson Map of Washington, Oregon ^ Minnesota - Geographicus - WAORMN-j-65
County map of Minnesota. NYPL1510819
1855 Colton Map of Minnesota - Geographicus - Minnesota-colton-1855
1862 Johnson Map of Minnesota and Dakota - Geographicus - MNDK-johnson-1862
Rochester, N.H. (2675836602)
Oswego; Buffalo; Rochester; Syracuse; New York; Albany; Troy; Vicinity of New York NYPL1584210
Map of the town of Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts (3720673266)
1864 Mitchell Map of Minnesota - Geographicus - MN-mitchell-1864
Rochester City. NYPL1401758
Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Walling, H. F.; Gray, Ormando Willis; Lloyd, H. H. 1872
1898 Walker Trolley Map and View of New England centered on Boston - Geographicus - NewEngland-walker-1908
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