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Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
1857 map of the United States, Mexico, Central America and northern South America
1865 Ethnic Map of Mexico
1840 Map of Mexico
Mexico 1895/96
Mexico, 1896
Map of America before the 1846-1848 Mexican American War
Land Grants of pre-Republic Mexican Texas (1836)
Mexico 1827
A Map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas, and New Mexico, showing the Great Western Prairies (1844)
Map of the United States and Mexico (1859)
Map of Mexico 1836
Central America and Yucatan 1842
Mexican Empire at its greatest extent (1821)
Mexico in 1821 (at the conclusion of the War of Independence)
The Second Mexican Empire or North America in 1864
1817 Spanish map of what would become the Western U.S. and northern Mexico
A map of the West Indies and of the Mexican-Gulph (1806)
Allegorical map of Europe following the Franco-Prussian War (1872)
The Mexican War and The Compromise of 1850
Franco-Spanish conquest of Morocco (1893–1932)
Juxtaposed : Pre Mexican-American War(1846-1848) vs Map of US Counties where more than 90% of the population speaks English at home
Map of Mexico including Yucatan and Upper California 1847
John C. Fremont's Map of Oregon and Upper California (1848) - shows the San Juan Islands as part of British Territory
Constitution of the United Mexican states of 1824
Map of Mexico 1847
The Franco-Prussian War (July 1870 – 10 May 1871) 1938x1225]
Map of the United States and Mexico including Oregon, Texas and the Californias 1850
Map of Mexico - 1846
French Attack Plan for the Battle of Puebla, 1862.
1881 San Marcos, Texas. Home of Texas State University founded just 18 years later in 1899.
Europe at This Moment (1872)- A Political-Geographic Fantasy: An elaborate satirical map reflecting the European situation following the Franco-Prussian war
1859 - Territories of New Mexico And Utah, Colton
Urban Population of Mexico, 1900
Map of the initial point of the boundary between Mexico and California (1849)
Santo Domingo Map 1873
Indian Territory, Northern Texas and New Mexico by Josiah Gregg (1844)
Texas, United States and Mexico at War (1835-1847)
Map of the Kingdom of Valencia (1838)
Mexico - 1824
Map of Mexico - Artist Juan Segura under the supervision of Alexander Von Humboldt (1803)
California, With Territories of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico And Arizona (1864)
Ornamental Map Of The United States & Mexico, Humphrey Phelps, 1847.
Map of Central Mexico 1831
1857 U.S.C.S. Map of San Diego Bay, California - Geographicus - SanDiegoBay-uscs-1857
Rancho Providencia Hall Map 1880
Mapa del Territorio de San Martín (1865)
Map of San juan bautista (1884)
Map made by troops after taking San Juan Hill, 1898
A journey from Missouri to Santa Fe, Chihuahua, Monterey and Matamoros (1846-1847)
1840 Map of Mexico
Map of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica Santa Monica Map of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica, Santa Monica
Detalle Plano Madrid 1900
San Agustin Historical District in 1892
Mapa del Estado del Magdalena (1865)
Johnson's Missouri and Kansas 1864
1850 Mitchell Map of Mexico ^ Texas - Geographicus - MexicoTexas-m-50
1853 U.S.C.S. Coast Chart or Map of San Luis Pass, Texas - Geographicus - SanLuisPass-uscs-1853
1852 Andrews Map of Florida, Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico - Geographicus - StraitsofFlorida-andrews-1852
Colombia - Magdalena (1886)
Map of Peralta land grant
Cuart de Poblet, Quart ~ (Valencia, València) -España- Ciudad; de 1883
Map of the San Joaquin, Sacramento and Tulare Valleys 1873
The geographical distribution of animals in sub-regions on Latin America - 1876 - 1.Chilian 2.Brazilian 3.Mexican 4.Antillean
Paris and the buildings/monuments lost during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). High-res zoomable version in comments
An atlas of commercial geography (1913) (14781467525)
Moncada (Valencia, València); de 1883
Museros (Valencia, València); de 1883
Paiporta (Valencia, València); de 1883
Map northern new mexico 1867
Paterna (Valencia, València); de 1883
Picaña, Picanya (Valencia, València); de 1883
Roca-Cúiper -Meliana i Foios- (Valencia, València); de 1883
Rocafort (Valencia, València); de 1883
Sedaví (Valencia, València); de 1883
1854 Map of USA Mexico
Tabernes Blanques, Tavernes ~ (Valencia, València); de 1883
Torrente, Torrent (Valencia, València); de 1883
HEINZELMANN(1851) 07.495 Kartenblatt Texas, Mexico
Vinalesa (Valencia, València); de 1883
Cementerio de San Isidro y San Justo, plano de Madrid de Facundo Cañada (1902)
Cuartel de San Gil en el plano de Facundo Cañada (1902)-02
Old Map of San Mateo 1896
Cuartel de San Gil en el plano de Facundo Cañada (1902)
Lloyds map of the lower Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico (4586553317)
Abroñigal-Registro viaje de aguas-Canillas
Estación del Paseo Imperial en el plano de Facundo Cañada (1902)
Plano detalle 1906
Taller Carruajes Lamarca (plano Facundo Cañada)
Map of the Mississippi River, from Cairo to the Gulf of Mexico, showing the position of the rebel fortifications at the mouth of the River, those already taken and those remaining to be captured, etc. (6012626622)
Santo Domingo Map 1873Nu
1851 Tallis Map of Mexico, Texas, and California - Geographicus - MexicoTexas2-tallis-1851
Segunda Campaña del Sur 1
Segunda Campaña del Sur 2
Coltons map of the United States of America, the British provinces, Mexico and the West Indies showing the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean (9471060251)
Diagram of the United States of America, Mexico, the West India Islands and Isthmus of Darien showing proposed routes of the Pacific Rail Road ... (8346169931)
1802 Tardieu Map of Santo Domingo or Hispaniola, West Indies - Geographicus - StDomingue2-tardieu-1802
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